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Well we all have at one point of time dreamt of a dream home, a home with the ideal bedroom, kitchen, living area and other spaces. What if you fall out of space, what if your dream home has a major space crunch!!?? Small spaces can look like a cave and feel very uncomfortable and cramped up, especially when we talk about bedrooms. Small bedrooms can get congested if not planned thoughtfully. Bedroom is the most personal space of home (after bathroom of course) and you would obviously want to accommodate a lot of furnishings and accessories to make the perfect bedroom. And there you fall short of space.


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You certainly can’t do anything about the space, but you can definitely use some smart tricks to make your small bedroom look and feel bigger. These tricks are not expensive, rather are clever ways to give an illusion of having a bigger bedroom.

1. Wall Shelves – Instead of having shelves on the floor or buying a new cabinet, we suggest you to go for in-built wall shelves. You can hire someone or make it fun by building Do It Yourself wall shelves. Shelves help to display collection very well apart from accommodating items of daily use.


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2. Let The Natural Light In – Having a space for letting natural light into the room is an inexpensive way to make your room seem bigger. Try making space for windows, especially close to your bed. This, apart from making the bedroom look bigger will also make the room more vibrant.

3. Mirrored Wardrobes – Having mirrors in the room creates an illusion of space which ultimately makes the area appear bigger. And thus having a space for mirror (preferably big mirror) is advised. What better than having a mirrored wardrobe, no additional space would be utilized for accommodating mirror!!


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4. Paint The Ceiling – Now this comes out of personal experience, having the ceiling painted in the same hues as the other walls of the room leaves no shadow lines, which defines and affects the visual space of the room. A combination of neutral colored ceiling with dark shades on wall will shrink the space and your eyes can sense the size of the room right away. Painting the walls and ceiling with same color will make it difficult for people to judge the area as there won’t be a dined parameter when it comes to start and end and thus the room feels bigger.


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5. Pendant Lights – Like we have always mentioned lights play an integral role in designing a room. Properly placed and right kind of lights can make a moderately designed room look fantastic. And we suggest instead of going for table lamps or fixed ceiling lights, try hanging or pendant light & lamps. Pendant lights provide a focal point and apart from looking stylish they also play a role in making the area look spacious.


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Applying these techniques will for sure make your room more functional and also make it look bigger. Which one would you use!!??

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