Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen Benchtops

Choosing A Suitable Benchtop for Your Kitchen

Renovating the house can help you get your dream home. Kitchen is the center of the house and it must look beautiful and must be functional too. By making use of some ideas it is possible to change the look of the kitchen and make it to match the decor of the house. You can spend a good amount of money and change the kitchen altogether or make a few changes that are vital like changing the kitchen benchtops.

Renovating Your Kitchen Benchtops
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  • Tps for Renovating the Kitchen

    1. The first thing that you need to do while improving the look of the kitchen is to put a fresh coat of paint. Choose a color for your kitchen that will match the decor of the house.

    2. Updating the splashback can also bring a drastic change to the entire look of the kitchen. Changing the color and using a material that can last long can be one good option.

    3. You can make the kitchen look beautiful and at the same time very functional with new cabinetries. You can put a coat of paint, replace the knobs, and refinish them to make them new. Or you can put up new cabinets that will serve your needs and look good as well.

    4. Changing the flooring of the room too can make it look interesting. It is possible to sand and restain or paint the present floor or you can cover it with timber or tiles for a new look.

    5. You can redo the kitchen all the way or just change the kitchen benchtops for a different look. You can paint the benchtops if the material is timber, laminate or tile. Old marble or granite benchtops can be replaced with impressive looking and durable ones.

    6. Changing the tap and sink, installing some shelves and updating the doors and windows can help in this direction as well. Getting new appliances can be a fun way of renovating the kitchen.

Options for BenchtopsChoosing the ideal kitchen benchtops requires some consideration and little research. You have to consider the factors like look, cost, durability etc. before you purchase the perfect benchtop for your kitchen. Some of the materials that you can think about are:

Options for Benchtops
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  • Laminate: You can find a wide range of options in terms of colors and textures in laminates. You can create a contemporary look using various stone-type designs, timber patterns and solid colors. It is very cheap option as compared to other materials and easy to clean and maintain. You can purchase in straight lengths and DIY them as needed.

  • Timber: For sleek and rustic look you can always go for timber as your benchtop. Resilient hardwood versions are durable options and you can also consider reclaimed wood for the benchtops as well. Timber can absorb moisture and stain easily so it needs to be sealed and oil finished annually. It is mid-range option which can be DIY project.

  • Stone: Natural stone like marble, granite etc. have been in use for years and are considered classy choice. You can choose for engineered stone which is a cheaper option yet provides similar modern looks. Professionals are needed for installation of this durable and easy to maintain material.

  • Concrete: One less expensive and heat and scratch resistant option is concrete. A lot of creativity can be done using this material to give it a great look.

Other options can be metal like stainless steel, aluminum, and copper and solid surfaces that can be considered for this purpose.

Choosing A Suitable Benchtop for Your KitchenThere are number of alternatives accessible to influence the kitchen to look appealing. Overlay kitchen benchtops desirable over your kitchen. Overlays offer different outlines and hues, which gives a stunning look to the kitchen and you can likewise get a look simply like that of a stone. It is very adaptable and strong, and the material utilized is exceptionally moderate. Generally speaking, this offers an awesome look and feel to your kitchen keeping a watch on your pocket.

Choosing A Suitable Benchtop for Your Kitchen
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Common Stone kitchen benchtops are strong in substance, effortlessly kept up and impenetrable. There are number of hues and examples to browse.

Man-made stones like Quantum Quartz come in various examples and hues, making your kitchen a genuine model of present day and improved look.

Stainless Steel kitchen benchtops require top of the line support. To give a cool and rich look to your kitchen, you can consolidate it with other benchtop choices.

Timber kitchen benchtops give a material surface that offers an incredible look to your kitchen and enhances the plan too. The main disadvantage of utilizing timber is that it might have water logging issue if put close-by the sink zone.

Stainless Steel kitchen benchtops
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In any case, in the event that you would prefer not to spend much cash at that point changing the benchtop can have a major effect. You can browse numerous materials for the benchtops that can suit your necessity and spending plan. Among them, stone benchtops are viewed as the most appealing looking and reasonable for all conditions.

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  1. My husband and I are renovating our kitchen and we need to choose a new benchtop. I like how you said that natural stones are a classy option and need a professional to install them. We are going to have to look into finding a reliable natural stone benchtop installation service for our new kitchen.

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