Small Bedroom Ideas for Maximixing Space By Home Grown Decoration


However big or small, one must respect the his living space, home, shelter, his own small world away from the outside world of glamour. And accept it wholeheartedly with the advantages and disadvantages it may have. No matter if you built your home from scratch or bought, the functionality will change with time. As well know the only constant in our lives is change and with new technology, new materials, we keep ourselves and our home updated with latest items and increase the value of home.

But there’s one space that won’t change its functionality and that is your bedroom without any doubt. Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Today we are not going to touch the ideas design and decor; we would instead discuss ideas and inspirations for small bedrooms to make them appear large which could also be used to other areas of home as well.


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1. Clean Up The Clutter – The most important aspect to make a room look bigger is by cleaning up unnecessary things. Whether a big bedroom or a small bedroom space, clutter never is visually appealing. One should always be able to see the floor clean. Plane surfaces tend to enlarge the spaces and floor is one of them. Make sure the furniture – desk, dresser, night table or entertainment centers are well organized. Take your time and make a list of items you shouldn’t be using and sell out the unnecessary stuff.


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2. Use of Colors – While it a universal truth that color white makes small spaces seem to be bigger and spacious, it is also well known you can’t restrict yourself to this color. You can try a blend of white and neutral or warm colors. Dark shades should be avoided at any cost as they make bedroom look depressing. You can bring in the 5th wall of your room i.e. ceiling as well. How about painting ceiling in white and rest of the walls in other shades complementing it. Or if you are fond of dark shades, use hues of dark color on the ceiling and light colors complementing the ceiling on the rest walls.


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3. Focal Point – A smart way to divert attention of people from the size of your room is by creating a focal point. Focal point could be a feature wall or if not that then by using artwork on walls. You can either artistically paint the wall or hang arts. And what better than beautiful frames to go with it!!


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4. Television – Psychologists say one must not leave a room for mass media and electronics in bedrooms as much as possible as it causes unease and nervous tension in most of the people. Not using mobile phones seems impossible. However, television could be removed and restricted to living room only. Also, you could go little traditional and have a radio or a music system in your room, after all music is a relief after a long and tiring day.


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Hope you could resonate with the ideas we shared and would use to create a personalized bedroom.

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