House Paint Mistakes One Must Avoid By Home Grown Decoration


Being the owner of a house is exciting. However, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities and freedom. You get the freedom of decorating and designing the interiors in a way that resonates with your personality and the responsibility of maintaining it.

Apart from choosing the right furniture, artwork and other accessories for home, the colors that you use to paint the walls of different rooms is also very crucial. Color on the walls determines the mood you wish to set in the area. Living room will have a mild tone where as kid’s room will have a vibrant tone.


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It is technically not too difficult to get excited about the idea of painting the walls of room with a coat or two. However, before dipping the brush into the paint bucket, we would like to share few common paint mistakes that you must avoid.

1. Don’t Forget To Tape –

Painting walls of home interiors with colors is an art. And it looks beautiful when done neatly. That’s why it is very important to remember taping the edges of area you wish to paint – door frames, and window sills to name a few. Taping the edges will make the area look tidy and also would save you from smudging over the coat.

2. Make The Surface Ready – It is very important to make the wall surface ready for paint. Prepare the surface by cleaning it thoroughly (especially for kitchen walls where stubborn oil or lubricant may still be stuck). Make the surface smooth by removing the blistering paint or paint that is coming off, you can even sand over to even out the area you wish to paint. After this process dust off the walls so that tiny particles do not get trapped in the paint. Prepping the surface will add finesse to the newly painted walls.


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3. Rolling v/s Brushing – Most of the people tend to get confused between the two terms. Rolling is used for bigger and wider areas, whereas brushing is used for smaller and tough to reach surfaces. If you decide to roll paint a small surface, you will face problems like bleeding paint all over, which is going to make the wall messy apart from plenty of time and efforts that the process will take. And brush should be used on areas that require meticulousness and accuracy.


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4. Quality Over Quantity – It is a fact that you invest your time and money to have a paint that is long lasting and doesn’t require retouching for a couple of years. And hence, using quality paint on walls is highly recommended. You may be little tight on your budget but do not make a wrong choice by going for a low quality paint that might be light on your pocket but look cheap on walls in the end.


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Lastly, it is said that “patience is virtue” and hence painting the walls requires a lot of patience. Once you put single coat, wait for it to dry completely before applying the next coat. Above all enjoy the painting process and try to avoid the common mistakes we shared in this blog.

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