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Hotel Room Chairs

Normally, on our site, we cover mainly the interior styles that popular celebrities and famous figures adopt. Today, we will be covering something slightly different, i.e. setting up furniture & fixtures for your bedroom in line with your most favourite hotels.

When was the last time you’d been to a fancy 4 or 5-star hotel, or even a boutique & themed hotel & not felt like leaving during check-out? Sure, the reasons for falling in love with the hotel room can be manifold, but let’s be honest, it’s mostly the comfort and the pleasant aesthetics that make you want to recreate the experience.

While we have covered furniture, fittings & furniture for a luxurious bedroom [See Post Here], we’ve not covered a lot on styling them to match the aesthetics of hotels.

In order to collate these posts, we’ve had to do a fair bit of digging & research. We’d like to thank the team at Furniture roots for helping us understand the various aspects involved in setting up furniture for hotel rooms. Visit their site to know more about their services.

  • Types Of Hotel Bedroom Furniture :

    It’ll come as a surprise to many, about the various furniture & fittings that are placed in a Hotel’s bedroom. It’s uncanny how many of the details are missed out unless we are specifically thinking about them.

    Types Of Hotel Bedroom Furniture
    Image Source – Google Image

    Chiefly, hotel room furniture is by nature, quite elaborate and spans several furniture types & styles that are unique embellishments. For succeeding with respect to your hotel furniture interior design objectives, it’s a great idea to ensure that all these fixtures are as consistent as possible.

  • Hotel Beds & Bedframes :

    In order to comply with their star ratings, most hotels have bare minimum requirements for their beds & bedframes that are used for their hotel rooms. These are mainly made from teak or mahogany wood (hardwood) for 4- & 5-star hotels, as they are sturdier & more robust.

    Although they can be slightly more expensive, they really do come into their own when stained & polished in dark colours and textures.

    2- & 3-star hotels substitute their hotel bedframes & hotel beds in hardwood by using engineered wood, which is mainly plywood & all its counterparts. See all beds & bed types you can consider, listed here.

  • Hotel Casegoods :

    Hotel Casegoods is a rather elaborate term & is used interchangeably to mean several specific furniture pieces, but in reality, they’re just any pieces of furniture with drawers & provision for shelving.

    Casegoods make up for more than 60% of the hotel room’s total fittings & are the most customizable & diverse. Here are a few of them.

  • Hotel Bedside Tables :

    Hotel Bedside Tables
    Image Source – Google Image

    These are tables that hold the lamps, nightstands & also the hotel telephone. These are generally given a glossy finish and are also made to look sleek, contemporary & sturdy. Mostly they come with 2 drawers that are fairly commodious to store various stationery items.

  • Hotel Dressers :

    Dressers are basically a much large bedside table & as is indicative by the name itself, they’re mainly used for grooming and for storing grooming products.

    Hotel dressers have a large chest of drawers and should be able to hold a lot of your clothing and accessories. 4 star& 5-star hotels are required to have a hairdryer to justify their ratings, it’s a good idea to place on right on the dresser itself, instead of within the bathroom. [See all 4 & 5-star hotel room requirements]

  • Hotel Wardrobes :

    It is mandatory for hotels that are 3 stars and above to have a fitted and installed wardrobe with a safe. These can be of ply or engineered softwood. Mainly used to store expensive clothing & valuables as well, as is made amply evident through the coat hangars.

    New hotels also provision for hotel wardrobes that have an attached plank/platform to stack their suitcases which makes for easy packing & unpacking.

    Apart from this, we’ve also covered different interior design ideas for wardrobes.

  • Hotel Coffee Tables :

    Hotel Coffee Tables
    Image Source – Google Image

    For hotel style bedrooms, it’s always a great idea to go for coffee tables that are round & solidly made. Wood is not the only material option here, consider going for a bone-inlay or even a marble based coffee table if you have the budget, always a great idea to have a couple of drawers tucked away inside one of these so that they can readily be accessed while sitting in your hotel chair, which brings us to another type of furniture found in hotel rooms

  • Hotel Room Chairs :

    Hotel Room Chairs
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    Chairs within hotel rooms should necessarily be of a luxurious & premium style. Using full-grain leather, teakwood & other materials, these chairs can appear to be rather exquisite. Hospitality grade chairs are also available in balloon style, high back chairs and are usually with armrests.

    There can be a lot of furniture products to arrange, to help you with the same, we have also compiled this post on arranging furniture in a small space.

    For guesthouses, B&Bs and also for luxury private villas, FurnitureRoots will be able to take care of your needs. Their website covers these products fairly comprehensively.

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