6 Interior Design Tricks You Could Implement in Your Home

Fewer Window Treatments

The Scandinavian countries are often voted the happiest countries in the world despite the harsh weather conditions surrounding that part of the world. The reason for this outcome is the way Scandinavians lead their lives and the amount of positive energy they wrap around them. For example, they design their homes in such a simple and minimalistic style that oozes with comfort, warmth, and neatness that the outside world can’t stand a chance against their levels of happiness. The rest of the world has recognized this method of improving and enjoying life, so people all around the world have borrowed it and gave it a name: Scandinavian design.

Today, this design is always among the top three places on the list of best interior designs and has every right to be. It represents such a powerful statement of coziness achieved with minimalistic attempts to beautify the closed space, making it more inviting than ever. It is built upon an excellent philosophy for which it might take weeks to describe and discuss. However, it can be very easy to implement some of it in your home if you are about to renovate or redesign if you follow this guide step by step.

Keep in mind, though, that real pieces of Scandinavian furniture are rather expensive, especially if they are designer brands. Fortunately, there are replicas and cheap furniture pieces in Scandinavian furniture retailer shops like IKEA, where you can buy pieces in Scandinavian design on the budget.

Also, before you start a renovation or redesigning, you can have a virtual staging designer do the room digitally using cheap staging furniture and decorative elements so that you can see whether it would work for you. I am pretty sure that it will, but it won’t cost you a small fortune to test the waters first. After that, you are ready to start experimenting.

  1. Mirrors, Lots of Mirrors:

    Mirrors, Lots of Mirrors
    Image source : by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

    Mirrors are a fundamental part of every Scandinavian design. The bigger, the better. You should place at least one in every room next to or opposite a window so that it can reflect the natural light. In this way, you will let as much natural sunlight as you can and illuminate the place. Also, mirrors in different geometrical shapes will be perfect decorative elements that will fulfill one of the basic principles of the Scandinavian style: every component of the room should have a functional value as well.

  2. Luscious Greenery:

    Luscious Greenery
    Image source : by Skitter photo from Pexels

    House plants are also an essential segment of the whole concept. There are several reasons why you must have a small botanical garden indoors, according to the Scandinavians. First of all, house plants assist in cleaning the air. They need the carbon dioxide we exhale, and during photosynthesis, they use it to produce oxygen. As a result, they increase the oxygen levels in our homes, something our health really appreciates.

    Secondly, plants help deter illnesses. What happens is, when they transpirate, they humidify the air and thus decrease the incidence of dry skin, sore throats, and dry coughs, especially during the dry months. Moreover, in a room with increased humidity, the transmission of the flu virus is weakened and prevented. Finally, the house plants help you stay more focused and work better. Unbelievable, but true. Being around plants increases productivity and memory. In fact, a study conducted by the University of Michigan plants can increase memory retention by up to 20%. Also, another two studies were done by Norwegian researchers, state that ornamental plants increase workplace productivity. That is why luscious greenery is a must.

  3. Wooden Elements:

    Wooden Elements
    Image source : by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

    The most important elements in Scandinavian design are made of wood. The reason for this is because Scandinavians appreciate the connection they have with nature and want to bring more of it in their homes. Sleek design, warm colors, and the “less is more” principle applies with the wooden elements as well. The furniture pieces are usually inspired by the models of the 1950’s when sleek lines and round legs captured the attention of the eye.

    When it comes to the type of wood used, oak is the most frequently transformed into a floor, ceiling, or any piece of furniture. Wood elements give the space room to breathe, and it put the architecture of the spaces and the design in focus. That is why wood is generally the top choice.

  4. Complete Whiteness:

    Complete Whiteness
    Image source : by Andrew Neel from Pexels

    If you are in a lack of home decor ideas, especially regarding the colour, go with white. It is never the wrong choice. In fact, white is the signature colour of the Scandinavian design. Be it the wallpapers, frames, light sconces, or candles on the tables, white should dominate the whole room.

    What is more, when coloring it all white, Scandinavians are seeking to incorporate the philosophy of Hygge – the ultimate mood of coziness and comfort overwhelmed with feelings of wellness and happiness.

  5. Warm Textiles:

    Warm Textiles
    Image source : by Isabelle Taylor from Pexels

    As I mentioned before, the harsh weather conditions in the Scandinavian region are waking all kinds of creativity in Scandinavians when they need to come up with ways to keep warm and comfortable. Using warm textiles is one of the ways to achieve that state of coziness. Hand-knitted wool blankets, pillows, and mohair, and sheepskin throes are accent pieces that not only look comforting, but they really are. They add a new layer of texture and strengthen the aesthetic in the room. Shades of grey, purple and white are the perfect choice for any interior decoration ideas you can come up.

  6. Fewer Window Treatments:

    Fewer Window Treatments
    Image source : Photo by Chait Goli from Pexels

    As I said before, you should let as much natural light as you can. For that purpose, you need big windows without any treatments. Or, if you can’t imagine naked windows, keep the decoration to a minimum. What does it mean? It means that curtains should be fuss-free and usually made of sheer-linen that touch the floor with their length. Don’t add more that one layer of curtain and don’t decorate the window sills with ornaments, except for flowers or plants.

    Remember, ”less is more” and “simple but functional“ are the basic guidelines you need when you think Scandinavian. Everything else comes with creativity.

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