10 Design Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive for Less

Hang Large-Frame Paintings

It has always been a homeowner’s dream to live comfortably in a luxurious house, which for some, may mean a simple yet elegant home and for others a sprawling mansion.

Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to own one, but this should not be a reason to inhibit your creativity and desire to improve your residence by applying nifty tricks to make it look like it was taken from current home design trends. Yes, you can turn your drab interiors into a chic home by not spending too much.

If you aren’t financially prepared to work on the entirety of your home just yet, you can start small by changing the look of your bedroom since this is your own little sanctuary—a place where you spend most of your time on your own.

Making it look expensive without shelling out an amount close to the price of a full renovation is where the challenge lies. But don’t fret, as these clever design tricks can transform your bedroom into a place fit for luxury as soon as you cross the threshold.

    • Declutter: There are times when getting rid of items can give your room a more posh look as opposed to adding more accessories. You might want to throw away, donate, or sell some of your belongings to clear your canvas, so to speak.

      Doing so will literally allow you to make room for all the improvements you’re about to do. You will never find an expensive-looking room in a state of disarray, so it’s a good start to declutter.

    • Install Mirrors: Speaking of making room, nothing exudes luxury like space, so making your bedroom appear spacious even if it isn’t is one design trick you’ll find useful.

      Install Mirrors
      Image Source: houzz

      To do this, strategically place mirrors around your room to give the illusion of a larger space while adding a touch of elegance to an otherwise ordinary-looking room.

    • Get Classy with Lighting: How a room is lit can spell the difference between a shoddy room and one with a classy ambiance, so it’s always a good idea to spruce up your bedroom with lighting. You can start with a large ceiling fixture that can instantly make your room feel more expensive as soon as you turn it on.

      Add a few more stylish lamps on your side tables and floor to achieve that soft and sophisticated look.

    • Layer Your Linen: The bed is the centerpiece of your room, so any change done to it can make a huge impact on the room’s overall design. Starting with the bedding, avoid going for set pieces and instead, individually select a mix of quality duvets, linens,and quilts to make your bed radiate opulence.

    • Add a Padded Headboard: To further make your bed look fit for a king or queen, install an accessory in the form of a padded headboard, as it is a clever way to make an otherwise cheap bed look more expensive. It is not only functional, but it also adds a touch of luxury to your room.

      Step up your game further by using classic materials such as velvet as covering for your headboard to give it a nice elegant sheen. To keep your expenses to a minimum, a DIY alternative could work if you want to get crafty. All you need to work with are a piece of plywood, foam, stuffing, and the cover material of your choice.

    • Accessorize with Cushions: There is something about plush and overfilled throw pillows neatly arranged on a bed that gives a room an inviting atmosphere much like an expensive hotel. Make sure the cases are made with material that complements your bedding to add more elegance.

      Accessorize with Cushions
      Image Source: hgtvhome

    • Use Elegantly Patterned Wallpaper: Adding a designer touch to the walls is a great way to make your bedroom look snazzy, but make sure to match the pattern with the theme you are going for.

      Choose traditional designs if you are trying to get the classic bedroom theme. But if you are going for the contemporary look, geometrical patterns can enhance the modern feel of your bedroom.

    • Use Interesting Furniture: Just like your bed, cabinets and drawers play an important part in the overall design of your bedroom.

      Get rid of the old boring furniture and opt for more interesting pieces like a vintage wood chest and an armoire that fit your cozy classic theme. This doesn’t have to be an expensive move if you go bargain hunting at junk shops and flea markets. You can even browse on online stores like eBay.

    • Cover the Floor with a Rug: If the walls are getting the design treatment, the floor should do, too. To add flair to this part of the room, cover a section of it with a well-placed rug. Persian rugs are quite common in bazaars,and you can buy one that accents the classic look of your bedroom.

      Match your modern look with abstract-designed carpets and lay them down alongside or under your bed to add more color to the room.

    • Hang Large-Frame Paintings: An artwork placed in the bedroom should make an eye-catching statement and give you a designer feel, so hang one that is large enough to make a huge impact. It could be a painting or an abstract print placed above your headboard to add the final piece to your bedroom’s expensive look.

      Hang Large-Frame Paintings
      Image Source: fthmb

      As you can see, getting that expensive look for your bedroom doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. These clever design tips will now help you channel your inner fairy godmother and wave your wand to turn the ordinary into a room radiating with sophistication from all its four corners like how she worked her magic on Cinderella.

Always keep in mind that you are going to try and make your bedroom shine, so the transformation should be aesthetically classy without costing a fortune. Once you’re done, you are guaranteed to feel the elegance permeate throughout the house, which might just make you want to start thinking about how to do same to the other rooms.

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