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beautiful design for kids rooms

Wallpapers have been a part of home interiors since times unknown. It was first used by Chinese, paper made of rice for the walls of their homes. Later, the French people understood the market and introduced block printing wallpapers and the evolution continued to the current modern trends. With the advancement in printing (both digital and block), with intricate designs by talented designers, the demand for wallpapers has reached the zenith. It is also a fact that wallpapers are easy to put and are much neater and cleaner as compared to wall paints apart from being reasonable. Today, there are innumerable designs to choose from.

There’s a great inclination towards wallpapers these days for home decoration and we have a few trendy design ideas to choose that will make your home look more stylish and chic.

1. The Floral Designs – This is safest option when you are officially becoming the part of the “wallpaper bandwagon”. There are countless pretty designs when it comes to flowers. Blooming floral pattern wallpapers could be used in any part of the home on any wall and it will never disappoint you.

The Floral Designs wallpaper

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2. Geometrical Designs – geometrical shapes and designs scan make the walls look more sophisticated. Geometric wallpaper on the ceilings can add surprising twist to it. Geometric patterns that are spic-and-span can give eternal appeal to the walls.

3. Fauna Designs – there’s something for animal lovers as well. Animal print wallpapers can give the feeling of extravagance. Think of sensual animal texture prints on walls of library or hallway!!!

4. Something for the Kids out There – there’s an array of beautiful design for kids rooms as well. Maybe Disneyland or just the parachutes can add the fun to the rooms. Also wallpapers with prints like boat or balloon or even the petite animals can encourage the kids to dream of a whimsical world.

beautiful design for kids rooms

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5. Artistic Designs – this category of wallpapers appeal to those who have an eye for all things art. Intricate beautiful designs can add to the glamour of your well designed room. Also, the innovation in digital printing has given a way to life-sized elaborated artistic designs.

6. The Art of Illusion – there are an array of neat designs of wooden planks or concrete blocks that gives a delusion of the natural material. It gives personality to the room without setting-up the actual thing.

The Art of Illusion

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7. The Dream View – Well who doesn’t crave for the pretty city lights or the surreal and scenic country side view!!? There are wallpaper designs that make your dream view come alive. It is a great way to add little excitement to the walls along with the hustle-bustle of the city life.

8. Bringing in the Outdoors – to give a fresh and vivid look of outdoors to your room, there are beautiful designs of botanicals you can live with all your life. They look almost real and doesn’t cease to add a little vigor to the rooms.

Wallpapers are an appropriate way to make your room look lively and full of life with awe-inspiring digital prints available that can create an imitation of all things art.

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