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A family that eats together, plays together – stays together. In the present times, everybody is busy. Busy with office work, busy with college/school and classes, busy with household chores. And at the end you need time for self. What about family time!!! What about time with parents, children, siblings, and spouse!! That’s when differences and issues pop-up. Let’s not get into the issue part. However, it is a concern, a major concern. Have you ever thought of having a recreational room at your home?? A room where there’s something of interest for everyone – from elders to kids. Yes, recreational room apart from bringing down your stress levels can also bring the family together under one roof (quite literally).

So, it is a must to design it in a way that caters to the fun side of all the family members. Something for everyone that satiates their playful side. A recreational room need not be a big area. A small space can also turn into a perfect room for recreation purpose. The first step is to define the age group of your family and create a section for each. There should be something for kids, teenagers and adults. Next step is to divide the room, into sections that cater to each age group. Let’s discuss each section in detail.

1. Kids – if you have infants and toddlers in your family, having a mirror wall is a good idea. So that they interact with it. Make sure the space is not too cramped up so that can freely move about. Most importantly make the recreational room a shoe-free zone especially for the infants. Have a small play station for them because kids learn the best when they engage their senses and take on interactive play.

2. Artistic wall for all – not only kids but teenagers and adults too want to explore their artistic side. Having a wall turned into a black-board can engage everyone.

3. Video Games – Teenager’s life is incomplete without Portable Play Station. Have one installed in the recreational room to be used just once a day because we know how addictive it can be.

4. Lounging – a space with comfortable couches or bean bags and chairs is a must. You can sit and play UNO cards or a game of chess. Or just lay and read your favorite book.


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5. Snooker Table – pool or snooker table is a must, for the simple reason it is FUN. And it is entertaining when you have a big group playing it. You can invite your friends one evening and enjoy the game over a couple of beers.

6. Bar Counter – this is going to be the icing on the cake. A cool, well equipped (not necessarily big) bar counter will definitely complete the recreational room. There’s nothing like a good time with family and friends with some fine wine.

Bar Counter

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Now you have ample ideas to have a perfect recreation room where you can just relax and have a good time with dear ones.

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