Why DIY Wallpaper Is My New Favorite Thing in the World

Why DIY Wallpaper Is My New Favorite Thing in the World

Wallpapers are great to work with – they are easy to use, economical, and fit most of the home decor projects, if not all.

But, that’s not the only reason why DIY adhesive wallpaper is the favourite for home decor projects.

Here, we’ve listed the reasons why they are so popular these days.

Plenty of Design Choices:

There is a common misconception about pre-designed paper art- the choices are limited.

Well, to break off this myth, here’s something that you should know; there are endless designs to choose from. To be precise, the design choices range over thousands of patterns and shapes in all colours.

Plenty of Design Choices
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Wish for an accent wall to hang all your heirlooms? Choose a horizontal stripe wallpaper or any pattern for that matter. Place it on one wall and leave the rest of the walls in contrasting solids. And you have it.

Wish for subtle yet detailed wall decor? Go for floral prints or geometric shapes for your opposing walls. Your room would look livelier with it.

If you don’t wish for anything that’s trending on the charts but instead wish to create your own style. In that case, you’re in luck!

Yes, you read that right! You can even create your own style and set the trend. All you need to do is find a printing company that can turn your designs into reality.

Reduced Toxic Waste:

Paints contain a lot of toxic ingredients. There are cyanides, nitrogen, and even silicates. These chemicals are responsible for several pollution-related diseases.

You wouldn’t want your family or loved ones to suffer any adverse health condition, because you failed to check the paint’s contents.

Besides, several studies also reveal that paints both interior and exterior are responsible for VOCs and greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s one more reason to avoid paints when decorating your home interiors.

Reduced Toxic Waste
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In contrast, using adhesive wallpaper is sustainable and friendlier.

Consider this; you may need to buy a few extra wallpapers, but you’d still be creating fewer tons of non-biodegradable waste. Indeed, the adhesives used are usually all-natural, and paper breaks down within years of exposure to natural degradants.

Apart from this, the manufacturing process for wallpapers is also environmentally friendlier than that for producing paints.

Easier To Work With:

Comparing adhesive wallpaper to the traditional ones, they are far more forgiving than we anticipated.

Consider this; you’re using horizontal stripe wallpaper, and despite all precautions and care you have misaligned a few sheets. It would have been a great concern if it were the traditional wallpaper. The glue brushed to the sheet would have already made the paper a little wet to rework upon it.

Easier To Work With
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As a result, you cannot reuse the sheets that have been hanged once. Moreover, you will be creating a lot of waste and mess around, be it from wasted paper sheets or splashes of glue in and around your space.

On the contrary, peel and stick wallpapers are easily removable. Thankfully, this feature can actually let you remove the wallpaper and readjust it to the exact orientation. Therefore, you’ll not be creating any clutter or waste and saving a lot of money in the process too.

Fewer Tools Needed:

In our experience, these modern wallpapers do not require any levelled bed or additional glue, brushes, and special cutters, as mentioned already.

Fewer Tools Needed
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All that’s needed is a regular razor blade, a smoothing roller, and a set square to keep your designs in the perfect orientation. That’s it! No more gooey glues and sticky floors to deal with.

Here’s the detailed process for you to get the gist of what we are trying to tell you.

The Process to Hang Peel and Stick Wallpapers

To help you better understand the ease of using a peel and stick wallpaper here’s a comparison between the process for the traditional wallpaper and the new removable wallpapers.

  • Step1. Preparing the Wall

    Preparing the Wall
    Image Source – love vs design

    The first step is as usual- you prepare the wall to hang the paper.

    You’ll need a rag or a damp wipe cloth, some sandpaper, and a paper towel.

    Use the damp cloth to wipe clean the wall for any deposited dust or dirt on the surface. Further, use a paper towel to dry it out.

    You may also find some irregularities in the wall surface. Use sandpaper to smooth out the surface. You may also need some putty to fill in any shallow surface areas.

  • Step2. Hanging the Wallpaper

    After preparing the wall, when working with traditional wallpaper, you’ll probably be measuring, marking perimeters, and then preparing the wallpaper. You would also need a team of at least 2-3 people to help you in preparing and hanging the wallpaper.

    One helper would apply glue to the wallpaper, and at least two of you will hang it together.

    Hanging the Wallpaper
    Image Source – love vs design

    Besides, the chances of air trapped under the wallpaper are very high. In short, you’ll need professional precision to hang the traditional wallpaper.

    In contrast, when hanging the self-adhesive wallpaper, you will not need any help. Or maybe, just to ease your task, you can ask a friend of yours to lend a helping hand. Besides, there’s no for any of you to be professionally trained in hanging these wallpapers.

    Just, remove the back cover (non-adhesive paper) about an inch or two from one end. Align the paper as desired. And pull off the safety cover as you move forward.

    Make sure you use a smoothing tool to remove any trapped air as you go.

  • Step3. Finishing

    The last step is again similar when working with any of the wallpaper types – whether traditional or removable peel and stick wallpapers.

    Image Source – love vs design

    You’ll be using a razor blade or a pin to burst any air bubbles to give a final touch or smoothness to the wall.

The Bottom line

So, you see, working with self-adhesive wallpaper is far more easy and convenient as compared to traditional wallpapers. Besides, there are no special tools or skills needed to work with it.

In short, these wallpapers have all the pros of traditional wallpaper but none of the cons. And that’s precisely the reason why these wallpapers are the new favourite thing for home decor projects.

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