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Contemporary Spaces - Home decor ideas

The weekend is over and here comes a new week with new challenges and beginnings. Mondays are difficult, especially after weekends. We have just the right thing for you to beat the Monday blues. Time and again we have discussed home decor ideas and inspirations with you. Be it kitchen or dining area or living room or bedroom or kids’ room or terrace or backyard or entrance, there a gazillion themes to choose for every budget. However, in the race of looking for best colors for wall or furniture for different spaces, we often overlook the most obvious and highly neglected areas – wall designs.

Wall design ideas for bedroom - Home decor ideas
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At times a simple painting put on the wall can bring in a positive change and make the area look and feel different and fresh. Wall Design Ideas are basically cost-effective ways to make home spaces more visually appealing. You cannot change the wall color or wallpapers or for that furniture relatively frequently, thus making elements like – paintings, frames, pictures, art, and lights to name a few, a part of walls can definitely bring in the required change. Today we will discuss wall design as a part of home decor ideas to bring in a subtle change to thoroughly planned spaces.

    • Wall Spaces For Small Areas: if you do not have a spacious bedroom or living room and of course you have a lot of things to accommodate, we suggest you utilize walls for the same. Having open shelves on the wall will help you accommodate your reads or showpieces without blocking the walking space. This will also make the room appear bigger. You can even go for a creative lighting in the room as shown in the image below. We like the idea of having artistic and imaginative lights for an added appeal.

      Wall Spaces For Small Areas - Home decor ideas
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    • Wooden Wall Art and Decor: if you don’t want to go over the top with decor but at the same time wish to make a statement, we suggest the use of wooden wall art. See the below image for reference. The wall art effortlessly blends with the overall theme and color of the space – wall color, sofa, floor and side tables. Intricately crafted designs not only appeal to the sense of vision but also make space look fuller. Wall design ideas’ using wooden artistic appeal has definitely become our favorite.

      Wooden Wall Art and Decor - Home decor ideas
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    • Dreamy Art Work Ideas: if you like to have positivity around you and like to show it using symbols and liners creatively, you would definitely love this. See the below image for reference. The way different symbols, liners, and show pieces are used makes the wall look fresh, encouraging and promising.

      Dreamy Art Work Ideas - Home decor ideas
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    • Contemporary Spaces: a concept called “feature wall” has become quite popular when it comes to home decor ideas. The feature wall is basically one wall out of the four painted or made in such a way that it stands out from the rest. See the below image for reference. Having a simple painting on feature wall can make space look elegant and posh.

      Contemporary Spaces - Home decor ideas
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Hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog. We will keep coming up with decor ideas and inspirations for different home spaces.

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