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Who doesn’t like to eat and experiment with different cuisines and satiate the ever hungry palette!!?? This is a fact that foodies have an immense knowledge of kitchen, kitchen ware, about the ingredients and they don’t hesitate to experiment and actively indulge themselves into gastronomical escapades. And am sure they know the value of kitchen wares, kitchen appliances as these are the backbone to a strong kitchen. After all what’s a kitchen without the appliances!!??

kitchen appliances

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The key to a good and self-sufficient kitchen is the right kind of kitchen wares, appliances, gadgets or accessories. Too much clutter is always a mess. And shortage of kitchen ware is also uncomfortable. Plus kitchen design is a onetime process. You can’t buy kitchen wares and design them as per your persona every season (unless the appliances conk-out). There is an array to appliances to choose from – refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and other major appliances apart from the small ones. Don’t fret out!! We will make your work easier by sharing a few must have kitchen wares and tricks to place them so that your kitchen is convenient to handle without getting too cramped up.

1. Kitchen Mains – kitchen is incomplete without a few set of appliances that also contributes to about 10% of cost of designing a kitchen. Appliances like refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, microwave, gas – chimney and water purifier. There are a lot of options to choose from each category. Take a wise decision keeping just two things in mind – do you really need it and long term use or longevity.

2. The Small One’s – there are a gazillion small, not so big appliances which you might not need now but may develop a need in future. A few mandatory ones could be – juicer, mixer-grinder, toaster, and griller. Again don’t muddle with your kitchen space by buying everything or anything. Give a thorough thought to figure out your needs.

3. Built-in or Floating Set-up – this is the most important aspect to be considered while buying the kitchen wares. You cannot only have a built-in set-up for everything or a floating / movable set-up only. Kitchen works out in the combination of both. For example – have a built-in setup for your refrigerator, oven, gas-chimney, water purifier and dishwasher. Rest could be movable. This combination will make your kitchen look neater and you will have a sufficient foot space.

Built-in or Floating Set-up

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4. Always in trend – who wants the kitchen or any part of the home to look outdated!!? We always want to be a part of the trend and at the same time can’t afford to change the kitchen-ware with changing trends. Don’t you worry friends!!! Because you can always stay neutral with safe options like – white, black, grey or beige. These colors never go out of fashion.

5. Steel it up – the best part about using stainless steel appliances is they are durable, rust free, always in style and gives sophisticated look to the kitchen, which in turn increases the value of your home.

6. Breathe in Fresh – having ventilation is a must in the kitchen. It clears the kitchen of odor and heat. So let the fresh air in and suffocation out.

Hope now you have a clear idea about where to spend and how wisely you can spend and get the appropriate appliances for your kitchen.

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