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It is difficult to decorate kids’ room. And parents very well know that it is a never ending story. Especially because they are at a growing stage and their likes, dislikes are highly transient, it changes every day. For example – their favorite sports person poster might change even before you paint the walls. They are at an age where they are shaping their personality and trying to figure out their identity. Their idols (be an athlete or actor or any other celebrity) change quite often. Hence, investing exorbitantly in designing kid’s room is not advised. Rather you can invest in best technological gadgets to keep them updated with latest advancements in the field of know-how.


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We suggest you to neutrally decorate their room so that it could be timely upgraded. Defining the kids’ room by giving it a sound character will firstly require a lot of money and also it is not going to last for a long time (as their likes might change sooner than you can even imagine). And of course you can’t afford to redesign and re-decorate it time and again. Are you freaked out already!! Don’t you worry friends; we are here to help you. In today’s blog we will share some clever tricks and ideas to decorate kids’ room in a creative way that will certainly keep your kids happy and won’t be a burden to your wallet too.

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Colors you choose on the walls can talk a lot about your personality. Hence, it should be chosen wisely. However, when it comes to kids’ room which needs change from time to time, it is advised to go for neutral colors on the walls. And you can paint one wall with a different color (which obviously compliments the other three walls) and convert it into a feature wall. This way you will have to change color of only one wall.

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You could also keep hard surfaces neutral and introduce colors with vibrant beddings, furnishings and drapes. For example – keeping the walls, floor and other hard surfaces neutral and making the room vibrant by introducing colorful bed sheets, couch covers or curtains or even the carpet can add life to the room. And you know that it is easy and inexpensive to change these than painting the entire room again.


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Introducing walls murals, paintings and stickers on the wall(s) is another pocket friendly way to bring a change to the kids’ room. Be it the world of science & technology or any cartoon character, you can have murals on a wall (feature wall) of anything that interests your kid.


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You can even add shelving on the wall and make it colorful or how about personalizing it by introducing a bill board/ memory board!!


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There a zillion ways to decorate your kid’s room in inexpensive ways. However, the key is to involve your kids as much as you can throughout the planning, designing and decorating phase. This will develop their decision making skills and make them more confident.

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