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We absolutely love pets!! And who wouldn’t adore these tiny creatures, who gradually becomes an integral part of family and home. It is said that a man can leave your side but a pet would never leave you. Pets love you for the way you nurture them, take care of them and tame them to become social animals. Their sheer presence can brighten up your day. Imagine being greeted by your pet once you get back home from a long tiring day at work. Isn’t the idea just too cute to be ignored!! However, one had to plan interiors of home keeping in mind the pets. Coz you very well know they like to explore every nook and corner of home especially rugs, and couches. And you can’t stop them. And hiding everything or making things beyond their reach is next to impossible.


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Don’t worry peeps!! Today, we will discuss about smart ideas to stylishly pet proof your home.

1. Colors & Patterns – always look for rugs that have small patterns and are dark in color. Huge patterns will leave a lot of space for solid colors, which will easily not only accommodate pet hair (which you can find almost everywhere) but will also make stains visible. Dark colors will hide stains and dirt better.


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2. Fabric – the kind of fabric you choose also to a great extent make your home pet proof. For example – if your pet is sitting on a normal fabric couch, it is prone to wear and tear coz of the big nails and incessant scratching habits of our beloved pets. However, if you use velvet fabric on the couch, it can be saved to a great extent as it is not a looped thread. It is cut in the rear like hair. So it gives almost no chance of damage as the fabric gives very little space to pets to hook their claws.


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3. Befriend Ropes – it is a fact that pets love scratching especially the cats, they like to rub vertically. And this natural trait of scraping is beyond your control and you can’t smother them and take away this freedom from them. Try to wrap sisal ropes around the furniture legs or pipes & poles in your home. When the rope is frayed, untwist it and wrap a new rope again. Isn’t it easy!!


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4. Toys – having toys or things to play with will keep your pets entertained. Apart from taking them outdoors for play, allow them to get acquainted to toys like ring or soft toys or ball.


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5. Litter Boxes – well you can’t take your pets out during odd hours. And you can’t afford to give them carte blanche to make a mess of your home when they have an irresistible urge to answer nature’s call. Don’t worry!! We have a smart idea for this concern. Consider investing in litter box. This will sort your life. Try to make the litter box as natural as possible for your pet to not to feel awkward.


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Hope this was helpful. We would like to hear the ideas you use to make your home pet proof.

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