The Luxury of Small Bedrooms

Luxury of Small Bedrooms

With more and more people moving to the metro cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore to name a few, for better job opportunities and standard of living, there is an increase demand for studio apartments or 1 BHK flats. With a growing trend of nuclear families, there is a need for small and crisp spaces to live. Small spaces are easy to maintain and one can give it a look as good as one of a large, spacious home. A small space will inevitably have a small bedroom, small hall, basically everything compiled in a small area. And you would want to accommodate the bed, cabinet, wardrobe, study table, mostly everything possible in the bedroom – your personal space. There comes the difficult situation.

Firstly, don’t ever let the size of your bedroom put you off. It is a fact that small bedrooms lack in space, but once decorated correctly they can make up for in the charm and required atmosphere. If awkward corners and strangely positioned windows is a turn off, get comfortable with the discomfort and they can become more vibrant than most large spaces ever could.

Luxury of Small Bedrooms

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From decoration to storage ideas, here’s a small guide of small bedroom decoration ideas for getting most out of the tiny space you have –

1. Start Looking for Inspiration – there’s Pinterest, a gazillion websites for bedroom décor for inspiration. Look for the best bedroom decoration ideas for small spaces. And after a good research you are all ready to pull it off.

2. The Perfect Look – once you have an idea of the perfect look for your bedroom there are small key points you need to keep in mind before designing it :

a. Look for cool colors for the walls; it will enhance the feeling of the space. Cheer up the walls and furnishings by using light colors.

b. Do not even think of accommodation king/ queen size bed. There’s a space crunch and do not try to saturate the space using huge beds. Infact go with Foldable or Loft or Murphy beds that can become a part of your cabinet and make storage spaces under the bed if possible. This will save up a lot of space.

Perfect Look

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3. Create Some Illusion – Use of mirrors will visually expand the room apart from giving it the panache. Use of furnishings that occupy vertical space is a smart way to make ample foot space and make it look less cramped up. Try to use shelves that disappear into walls for a spacious bedroom.

4. Play with Lights – This is a crucial factor in making or breaking bedroom space – be it large or small. Use of lights in the dark corners can brighten your room along with making it more open and airy.

classy small bedroom

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Crafting a contemporary and classy small bedroom is not an intricate task at all. It is all about how you can make the best use of what you have rather than what you can add to it. Keeping things simple, minimal and easy is a great help. Avoid using too many colors and clutter décor is the key to having one of the best small bedroom designs. Choose themes that are not too complicated for peaceful and pleasing bedroom.

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