LIVING ROOM – The Get Together Haven


What makes a house a HOME is the conversations sometimes funny, at times serious, the banters that family and friends exchange and keep them together. And can you guess where such gatherings take place!!?? It is none other than the LIVING ROOM – the get together haven. There’s a Kitty Party or Kid’s Birthday or a Housewarming or you want to enjoy an interesting match or a thriller movie, Living Room is the hotspot for hosting all of it. So undoubtedly it should be made extremely comfortable and uniquely enjoyable. Not too cluttered and not too open, balanced with just the right furniture, decorations and a good walking space.

Living Room - The Get Together Haven

Living Room Decor is most thought about mainly because you won’t change it for a good number of years, unlike the settings or decor of your bedroom or kitchen or for that matter your bathroom. Most of the people like to keep their living room sophisticated and personal; some people like to keep it elegant and maybe follow a theme. And a few of them like to combine different elements and not follow a theme, just gather basics and present in an appealing way. Well Living Room is the first impression of your home, whatever theme or elements you decide to put in make sure it resembles your persona, your lifestyle, and represent a spot you wouldn’t mind coming back to over and over again.


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Since living room decoration is a onetime investment, while planning your budget make sure you splurge at the right place, instead of going with let’s save now, we can always invest more later. Think about the furniture and decorations that will last longer and be generous in buying them. For example – a rich, at ease elegant fabric sofa with neat design will undeniably last for years, so expanding sofa budget is a smart move.

However, decking up a fireplace and splurging unnecessarily onto it isn’t advisable. Similarly, a rustic furniture set-up, maybe from your Grandparent’s home or from a vintage shop will give the living room a regal look. You can club the Vintage furniture with light or minimal colors for a Royal look.


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Another important aspect of a vibrant Living Room is the light. Having a living area with windows or a floor to ceiling glass door will add the freshness and make it more visually pleasing. And cheer up the sitting or lounge room with lights especially at the dark spaces. How about making one wall absolutely artistic using red and all the warm colors for an energetic and entertaining punch!!

Use of Neutral colors is undoubtedly a safe option, experimenting with a Bright red (for example) will add on to the vividness. You can add another element which will go with any and every set-up is – displaying your collection. Give it a more homely feeling by putting picture of your family or friends. Don’t be hesitant in displaying a meaningful collection of accessories, be it memorabilia from the places you have been to or any other memory that you are proud to show off. Make sure it rings a bell of your individuality.

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