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There has always been a trend or fad around us. Short lived trends when it comes to clothes, colors, gadgets, interiors, and even furniture since times unknown. But there’s something really interesting about the changing trend you must have noticed and that is – the thing which was old-fashioned comes back in trend. And this cycle can go on for eternity. We are going to talk about living room furniture today. Use of cool, light colors which was far gone a trend is now a symbol of sophistication. Use of Vintage furniture, rugged sofa fabric in living room can lend it a dose of regal and royal look.


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Low boxy furniture was quite a noticeable trend back in 7o’s and 80’s. Late 80’s and 90’s saw an era of heighted sofas. The thing with fashion is – it never fades away, coz in the end what defines fashion is your comfort zone. It is your living room and you have all rights to make is as comfortable with furniture that resonates with your persona. Amongst the short lived trends and fad, longevity plays a very important role. As far as the furniture is simple, made in a high-quality fabric, and can actually put you at ease, you can see it sticking around for decades at least. Smart way to choose the furniture of your living room is to avoid the clutter. Don’t just buy any and everything and cramp up your sitting lounge.

Furniture can break or make the look of a dream living room. So, here’s a list of “must haves” for your living room furniture to make your life and decision making a lot easier –

1. Heighted or low boxy sofa (the choice is totally yours) – sofa is an integral part of a living room, and thus choosing the right sofa with apt color and fabric plays an important role. Whether heighted or low boxy, complement your sofa with cushions wherever required. You can go with dark or light fabric depending on the colors used on the walls and other spaces of the living room.


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2. All About Chairs – rocking chair is a must have for your sitting lounge. Be it kids or an elderly person, rocking chairs never fail to put you at ease after a long day. The most classic kind is matte finish coffee brown arm chair (my personal favorite). You can also go with regular chairs wherever required, coz we all know that most of the gatherings take place in living room. Having a few extra chairs complementing the sofa or the overall feel of the living room is an important point to be considered.


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3. Tables – to keep the room from being too cluttered, it is essential to have table of right size and style. It is suggested to have a long table for the Sofa and a small coffee table to go with the other pieces of furniture.


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4. Ottoman – a small multicolored ottoman can add elegance to the entire living room furniture. An ottoman basically is a small furniture which can be used to rest your feet. However, it actually is more than this. It can be used as a seat or a storage place as well.


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5. Shelving – a living room is incomplete without showcasing your belongings that define you, your personal life. That’s when shelving comes into the picture. Stylish shelves apart from accommodating your belongings, can also add style to the living room. Shelves are available in various forms – the one’s that hang or a part of the walls or the ones that are movable. They can make the living room appear fuller and cozy.


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