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Being creative is the new cool. When it comes to home decor ideas, we think of the best ways that could help us make our house look prettier like never before. To do so we buy the best furniture in the store, paint our walls the best colors, and decorate our houses with the best accessories we could get in the stores out there. From carpet in the living room to the tub in out bathrooms, from the dining table to the king size bed in the bedroom, we pay attention to every single detail. Don’t we? And why not, after all, homes are not built every day.

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You believe you have done everything to make your house look beautiful and cozy, yet there’s something that you have left. Wondering what? The wall outlets and covers. You would be thinking what about them? They cannot be creative. They would be as they are. What can we do with them? Wait wait. Before you think of any other question, let us tell you these little outlets and covers can contribute their part in making your house a wonderful place to look at and be at. Every detail counts so why don’t you let the switches say something about you? HOW? Well, there are many creative ways to do this. Know some of them below:

  • Picture frame your light switch: How wonderful would that be? All you need to do is to put a picture frame on the light switch and there you go. This is one of the most economical ways of making the most of the switches and moreover, you would not have to invest a lot of time for being creative here. You could either go for a single frame, or a wall full of frames, depending on the space and your choice.It is as simple as it is beautiful.

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  • Sticky notes switch: Can it be any more productive? Paste some sticky notes on the switchboard, and the moment the concerned person switches on/off the lights, he/she comes to know what are the supposed to do. These will also you help you remember things that you would forget doing otherwise. Helpful and fun, right?

    sticky-note-swithces-home-decor-ideasImage Source: Google Images

  • Write quotes on switchboards: Running out of spaces in your room to write down your favorite quotes? Well, maybe now you have found a new space to do so. Just write your quote on a piece of cardboard with an equal sized hole in between and paste it on the light switch. Add some glitter, sparkle, creative handwriting, little drawing to compliment, and there you go. With this, you sure are going to get some compliments, so be prepared to be praised.

    quotes-on-switch-boards-home-decor-ideasImage Source: Google Images

  • Decorative and creative stickers: here it’s all about how creative you could think. The more the better. Think of some cute, funny, decorative stickers that would complement the outlets and the switches and would make it funnier and interesting. It could be anything, like a drawing off a flower, a tree, a cow, a bird, an idol, a cricket, a celebrity, a mic, or anything you could imagine.Remember the key here is creativity. Take some inspiration from the image and thank us later.

    creative-stickers-on-switches-home-decor-ideasImage Source: Google Images

You sure have changed your mind. Haven’t you? As they say, every little detail matters. You are never again going to underestimate these little champs when talking about home decor ideas, are you? Ha-ha!

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