Paint Colors – The Big 5

Paint Colors

The colors that you choose to paint the walls of your room or living room or kitchen or any other part of the home can make or break all the hard-work that you have put in for designing your dream home. There are innumerable suggestions and options to choose from. One color has a dozen of hues and shades. You might be excited to see an array of options, however when comes the time to make a decision you are all ears and thumbs, and dubious about everything. And it is quite natural. Who wouldn’t get confused looking at gazillion options when it comes to paint colors? They look easy at site, but you never know when it comes to your wall you may find it hideous. What if it doesn’t go with the design of your room..!!?? Don’t get scared, we have 5 rules that will certainly assist you in making a decision and we call them – The Big 5. These rules of painting your walls will leave no room for regrets and confusion, and make most of the available color palette.

Paint Colors

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1. Design Your Room First – we know you are excited in leaps and bounds to move to your new place and wish to paint the walls first to give yourself an idea on how you can proceed with the interiors. However, painting the walls first will restrict your designing and decoration ideas. It will restrict your thought process because you wouldn’t have much options and colors to choose. We suggest you paint the walls in the end, after all your designing is done and paint it with color that compliments the entire set-up.

2. Try The Top Recommendations – paint companies know that you might get confused and your decision of painting walls might go for a toss and hence they have top recommendations for you. You might be confused about which shade of grey to choose (for example), so you have a starting point and that is the color palette suggested by the color companies. Well, in this case you have another option to think about. While decorating your room select your favorite part or color (it could be color of the cushion or even the curtain) and take that as reference color for the entire room and imagine what set-up, color and style will go well with the reference color.

Try The Top Recommendations

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3. Avoid Impulsive Decisions – don’t be in a haste to choose the color. Take your time, visit the paint companies as many times you want or for that matter visit your friends’ or relatives’ home to see what colors they have. And don’t settle down until and unless you are very sure about the color.

4. Don’t Rely on Web – today we are dependent on web for making most of the decisions. However, things are different when it comes to wall paints. You might like a picture on Pinterest or you might have loved a recommendation on a blog. You like the picture because it goes well the entire set-up, with colors of sofa or bed-sheet or curtains or lights. But it is not necessary that it will go well with the interiors of your room or even with the lights you have. So, go to web for reference but don’t rely on the pictures blindly.

5. Don’t Follow the Myths – it is always said that white walls makes the room look bigger and spacious. However, the fact is neutral colors should be used if you want to make your room bigger.

Don’t Follow the Myths

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Hope these rules help you in taking the right decision and you have a lovely wall paint that goes perfectly well with the interiors.

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