Interesting home decor ideas to turn the backyard into a cool play space for kids to have fun!


Kids are the joy of any place. They have their own charm with which they make any place a cheerful place to be at. In urban areas, it is often difficult to make enough space for children to play because of the limited area. This is the reason why when we talk about home decor ideas, we often do not mention an extra room as a playroom for kids. Not everyone in the cities can afford to have a huge house to dedicate a separate room for the kids just to play. In such cases, parents take their kids to nearby parks or ground, but due to their schedules, there are times when they miss out on these things.

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So, what’s best that could be done here? What if we say why not have a play area in your own house? YES. That is possible, and it’s OK if you do not have an extra room for that. Why not let your backyard do this job for you? Never thought of this, right? We knew it. This is an incredible idea to give your children some playful space and let them have fun and create the best childhood memories.

To help you even more, we have sorted for so some easy, effective and amazing ideas to do the same. Have a look:

  • Create a DIY backyard blackboard: This is one of the easiest way to bring some fun in the backyard. Get a black board placed on the fence of your backyard and let your kids show some creativity over there. It can be easily made with salvaged wood, some chalkboard paint and a couple of screws. This is a project that is not only economical but is absolutely easy and quick to do. This would provide a renewable canvas for kid art all summer long.

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  • Bring home the beach: Do you have a beach far-far from your home? Are you tired of your kids insisting on you to make them visit the beach? Not anymore! Kids love sand, and they would thank you a ton, if you would build up a sand-pit giving it a beach look. Your kids can play here during the summers, bath in the sun and have fun. Also, include some holes in the sandpit for umbrellas and corner benches.

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  • Test your kids’ flexibility: All you’ll need for this exciting project is a cardboard stencil, some colorful spray paint to mark the spots and a homemade spinner for a summer of hilarious twists and turns. You can ask your kids and their friends to participate and keep some chocolates for the winning pair. This works perfectly for small and big backyard spaces.

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  • Teach them the importance of plants through play: Children sure to love this natural veggie gardens. They will surely be interested in learning how to grow plats and benefits that would benefit them in long run. Not only can you interesting teach how to grow trees but also make a tepee for some hide-and-seek play. This can be easily made with pole beans. Just plant the seeds a few months before the summers, so that when it’s time for your kids to play the trees are in full bloom.

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  • Make them a mud kitchen: Remember playing kitchen-kitchen when you were old? Wasn’t it fun to invite your friends for a fake lunch party, and serve them fake team in the little cups you had? Of course, it was. Why not enlarge it a little for the kids? Treat your kid chefs to a backyard by constructing a mud pie kitchen. Pick an enough shady spot, with leaves, sand and trees, get in some old utensils like pans, pots, muffin tins, etc. and some furniture that you thought you would throw away. Paint the furniture a little and your DIY, customized messy-fun kitchen is set for play.

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