Creative home decor ideas to dress up your windows on a budget!

Swing Arm Curtains Home Decor Ideas

Talking about home decor ideas, we often only pay attention to the flooring and the walls. But what we often do not consider is the other areas that can be of great help. Are you wondering what is it? Well, the answer is, the WINDOWS. Yes, my friend, windows if done greatly can help in making the interior look amazing and otherwise can be stain in the beautiful interior decoration. You certainly don’t want the later, do you?

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The right window treatment, like the curtains, the shutters, the decoration, or the shades have the capability of turning any window into a stunning, jaw-dropping focal point of a room. All you need to do is to smartly work on it. Ditch the regular curtains that are probably running the essence of the room, and switch to smoothing better and gorgeous. What and How? Let us help you with it. Following are some impressive, easy and creative home decor ideas to dress up your windows for the best makeover ever!

  • Curtains with contrasting trims: The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about windows, is definitely the curtains. The curtains are the like the clothes of the windows. Poor windows would look incomplete without curtains on them. But wait, that does not mean you could hang curtains that may spoil the entire decor. NO. you need to think twice before you make such decisions. Why not this time try something different. Try out curtains that complement the decor of the room but have contrasting trims. This well help you have a unique, creative and an absolutely stunning makeover for your windows and of course, the room.

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  • Swing-arm curtains: Stuck with the idea of curtains for your windows? Why not experiment a little? Forget about the regular, boring and old-school trims for your curtains, rather try some swing arms. These are great if you have the window faced towards the sun the entire day. With the swing arms, you can adjust the angle as and when the sun rises and sets. These are best for small windows but can be used for long windows too. They are amazing.

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  • Malachite patterned shades: Are you among the ones who like it dim, dark and cozy? If yes, this is something that would make you happier. Get the malachite patterned shades installed on your windows and not only get soaked in the greenness but feel your space like never before. FYI, malachite is an opaque, (originally) green banded mineral that is also available in different shades. This is sure going to help you have a better decor.

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  • Fretwork panel screens: Neither too bright nor too dark, if this is your choice, these fretwork panel screens are best suitable for you. Fretwork is an interlaced decorative design that can be either cut into objects or craved on them. Such screens on your windows will not only beautify the place but will also help sufficient light penetrate through the windows.

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  • Louvered shutters: Another wonderful and creative way to dress up your windows is through shutters. If you aren’t impressed yet, here is last, but definitely not the least, way to decorate the windows. The louvered shutters come with horizontal slats that are angled to admit light and air but to keep out rain and direct sunshine. It is absolutely your call to either keep the slats adjustable or get them fixed.

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You aren’t ever going for those boring, regular curtains, are you?

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