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Interior designing is a dynamic, continuously evolving procedure. There is possibility for small makeovers as per the season or even festivals. And honestly, remodeling is important to make your home look and feel fresh. You can’t buy furniture or paint the walls with every changing season, for the simple reason these elements require big investment. However, there are many inexpensive, easy and simple ways one can change the interiors of home. There are many ideas that call for little mind’s eye, and little funds and can instantly add style to even a moderately styled area.


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Yes, today’s blog is dedicated to ideas and inspirations for budget friendly home decoration ideas. These could be Do It Yourself to make it more fun or if you don’t have time on you, you can buy them off the rack as well.

Hang Canvas – you recently painted your room and after a couple of months you realize looking at the same walls is kind of boring. Don’t worry, add character to the walls by hanging canvas paintings. We are not talking about small frames, but big canvas work of art. THINK BIG friends!! Hang the art on blank wall to brighten up the room. You can go a step ahead and paint it yourself rather than buying it. You can at least try.

Side Table – this element can also give a fresh look to any area. You can get a side table for the living room, near the sofa and make ample of storage for souvenirs or make a home library by displaying your collection of reads.


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Plates – a couple of textured plates in different colors and sizes, of course of same family, complementing the overall décor of the room could make up for fresh wall arrangements.


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Wicker Seating – bringing in wicker chairs in the gallery can brighten up this often ignored space. Imagine reading your favorite novel on a bright sunny day and sipping your favorite cocktail. You can add color by using trendy and vibrant upholsters.


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Gallery – make your own gallery by hanging your favorite pictures. Be it an athlete or a scientist or a musician or a cartoon character. Make your wall animated by hanging pictures. Don’t forget to put them in beautiful frames.


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Candles – it is said that candles have therapeutic effects on you. Consider buying aroma candles for your room. These will brighten up the room and also add a romantic factor to it.

Linens – consider changing your linens and bring in a pool of freshness to your room. The bed sheet or cushion cover or even a rug or curtains. New set of linens can certainly add the required charm.

Bring The Outdoors In – a small pot of plant apart from having positive effects in the surroundings can be a change to the sense of vision as well.

Fresh Flowers – the most easy and effective way to make any area lively is by bringing in fresh flowers. Be it your dining table or kitchen table or even side table in your living room, flowers of the season can instantly grab attention.


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Hope you try these pocket friendly ideas for instant makeovers.

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