The Art Of Hanging Pictures By Home Grown Decoration


Hanging pictures in the interiors of your home can give the right balance of space, art and color. Any good interior designer would know the importance of hanging art and the crucial role it plays in transforming not only the space but also the overall feel given off in the pictures. And the best part about hanging frames is you need not worry about the budget. A low budget pictures and art frames can also be put off quite well.

Be it the luxurious paintings or art work by the creative little ones, you shouldn’t hesitate to showcase your love for pictures. However, there are little things that must be kept in mind before hanging pictures. These little pieces of advice can have a huge impact to the overall visual appeal of the room.


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1. While hanging pictures in an area like hallways or passage or entryways, when pictures have to be viewed in standing position, the best rule to follow is – place your artwork at least 5 ft. – 5.5 ft from the floor.


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2. In the areas and rooms where most time is spent sitting, for example – dining area or living area, hanging pictures little lower is advised. Best way to make judgment is by sitting across the wall you would like to hang the piece of art and adjust until you are happy about the placement.


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3. It is rightly said that art is an extension of your furniture and displaying them should precisely be the last task. In a nutshell, before you start hammering nails on the walls, be sure your furniture – sofa, tables, chairs, desk, piano, floor lamps, table lamps, and bookcases are placed well.

4. There’s a very important thing you must not skip and that placing art work too high neither looks appealing nor makes you feel good about the dedication you put in. We are talking especially about the scenario when you decide to hang arts above the furniture, mostly commonly sofa. It should be placed precisely 8” – 10” above the furniture.


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5. When hanging multiple pieces of art on a wall, make sure the pictures are in odd number in order to create symmetry. You can then easily center the middle piece with respect to your furniture and hang pictures to the left or right. Always work from the middle.

6. Nobody likes to look at pictures that are placed without keeping in the mind the dimensions, available area, and the gap between each frame (in case of multiple frames). Having a thorough thought of spacing between the pictures, wall space and furniture makes the area look neater and more visually appealing. Ideally a space of 2” – 5” between pictures (in case of multiple frames) is advised to make a good start.


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7. Baffled about the best arrangement of multiple frames display!! Well this is the most common dilemma you can face. The trick is to lay pictures on the floor and arrange them in a way you like the most before hanging.


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