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Windows are essential in rooms or for that matter any other space in home. Windows make rooms vibrant and add a lot of positivity apart from givingt a good and refreshing view of the outdoors. And treatment for windows is never kept in mind, is often ignored and never well planned. However, windows are also an important part of interior designing ideas. We must tell you planning and designing window treatments is easy, quick and pocket friendly.


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Windows can do wonders in kids’ room. Kids’ room ideally should be full of energy and have a positive aura which helps a lot in their upbringing. However, planning window treatment for kids is a big deal and challenging task. What kids might like today may not be the same after a couple of months. Hence, looking for cost effective ways to plan windows is a must. There a gazillion styles you could choose to add the final touch, but a sound a planning prior is a must.

Safety Should Be A Priority

As we have previously mentioned you will find an array of window treatment ideas for kid’s room, we encourage you to pay special heed to safety factor for each design. Window covering and curtains that use cord pull technique could be dangerous for kids, as children could get caught in the cord and could hurt themselves. It is advised to go for safer options, for example – pull cord systems that are designed specifically to keep children safety in mind.


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Light Control Must Be Considered

Light plays an integral role in rooms, especially in kids’ room. Too much light can have an odd effect in their sleeping patterns, as bright light or too much light can wake them at peculiar hours. Going for fabric treatments for windows is advised here as they can be adjusted to block the light intensity and would also look stunning.


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Fabric Window Treatments

As we have previously mentioned window treatments should be SAFE. Hence, shutters or roller blinders are good alternatives and pretty easy and safe as well. However, you can get little creative by having drape panels. Having fabric window treatments will give you more variety in terms of colors, patterns and styles that could be chosen as per the likings and personality of children and also keeping in mind the overall décor of the room. However, one important factor you must consider is children are constantly getting exposed to the outside world. Their personality is in making and their likes and dislikes are highly dynamic and their taste is going to change. Though window treatments are pocket friendly but it is not feasible to change is every 2 months. Hence, go for a smart move. Opt for fabrics that have a potpourri of hues, bright and solid colors in them. Having striped and patterned designs will certainly going last longer as these do not appear to be boring. And having a combination of a couple of colors will make the room come alive.


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We would like to hear more window treatment ideas that you use for kids’ room.

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