Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Home By Home Grown Decoration

Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Home By Home Grown Decoration

It is the time of year when you would love to snuggle in a blanket and savor cappuccino while you read your favorite novel. Yes, we are talking about winters. The chilling, cold winters are round the corner or have even began in some parts of the country. You would agree that the entire wardrobe changes in winters. You bid goodbye to summer clothes and make space for winter wears. And so does interior elements of home. After all who wouldn’t want to be welcomed in a warm and cozy home in a freezing cold night after a long day!! The quickest way to begin is taking out those heaters. However, there are ways you can make your home more cozy and inviting. A simple redecoration can add a lot of elegance to the home and also make it warmly comforting.


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Today, we will discuss areas in your home you can certainly make more cozy and welcoming.

The Entrance Way

Door Mat – also called welcome mat can be more appealing and inviting when it comes to designing ideas. After all there is a reason these are called welcome mats. These add a touch of warmth before you enter a home. So, think of getting one outside the front door, if you don’t have one.

Rugs – these can literally warm up a space. It is known that rugs on bare floor help keep in heat. Rugs made of soft fabrics will make your arrival at home more welcoming and add a feeling of coziness.


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The Living Room

Curtains – this is one of the smartest ways to make living or family area more comfy. Apart from adding texture to the space, curtains also acts as an insulator and help keeping the areas warm. And what better than a casual family gathering in a warm and cozy living room!! Also, we must mention that it is advised to go for full length curtains, touching the floor to add more sophistication.

Pillows – complementing your existing couches or armchair with a soft pillow or cushion can be an affordable way to spruce up the living space in the winter season. Pillows apart from putting you at ease can also give cuddly feel to the area. In order to add charm to this set-up, use pillow covers that blend with overall décor of the room or you could even experiment and go for fabrics that are out of your comfort zone.

Blanket – a soft, furry and plush blanket at the back of sofa or armchair can instantly add the coziness you have been looking for.

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The Dining Space

Seat Cushions – if you have normal wooden chairs in the dining area, you can make your dinner cozy and warm by adding seat cushions this season. They apart from making seating comfortable, also adds warmth.


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The Bed Room

Bed Linens – well bedroom has to be the coziest place in home. And to make it just perfect, make your bed feel warm by adding the right linens with cozier fabrics.

Hope these ideas inspire to make the required changes this winter season.

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