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There’s a constant need for fresh air. Be it home, office or any other indoors, fresh air is vital to good mental and physical health. Also, fresh air in outdoors is also a big question keeping in mind the dust, smoke, smog and other air pollutants. What if you spend your day indoors!!?? Keeping that in mind, have you thought about bringing a gush of fresh air to the indoors!! Not yet, then it is about time to give a thorough thought to it. House plants apart from making the ambience pure and clean; also help in mental well being. Plants exude positive vibes in the atmosphere.


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In the age where we are surrounded by latest technology almost all the time, we are also constantly prone to the synthetic materials, pollutants, chemical vapors and all the humidity, which makes the indoor air stale. And these over the time could lead to problems like – allergy, headache, cough, body ache, insomnia (which is a root cause to a lot more physical and mental illness). In this situation, plants can make the required and much needed difference to the air we breathe in indoors. Plants have this incredible ability to filter the air from the pollutants, few plants work more than the others. And today we are going to discuss houseplants one must bring to make them a part of home indoors.


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1. Bamboo Palm – Scientific name : chamaedorea seifrizii – This plant has topped our list of best houseplants guide. Bamboo Palm scores high when it comes to removal of chemical waste and other pollutants in a room. Also, the plant looks exotically good in appearance and its maintenance is pretty easy.


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2. Fern – Scientific name : nephrolepis exaltata – This dense plant helps to flush out the air toxins and improve humidity levels (which also is quite essential). The plan can bloom well if watered timely.


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3. Gerbera Daisy – Scientific name : gerbera jamesonii – This plant blossoms colorful flowers which not looks good and give a reason to stay indoors more, but also has a quality to purify air from contaminants. However, the plant is seasonal and is commonly seen in indoors in autumn season.


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4. Florist’s Mum – Scientific name : chrysanthemum morifolium – Yet another category of refreshing flowers found in different colors – white, yellow, purple, orange, and green. Apart from giving a splash of vibrant and vivacious hues to the space, the plant also removes toxins from air. However, the plant only flowers for few weeks, but you can always buy fresh ones.

Florist’s Mum

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5. Dwarf Date Palm – Scientific name : phoenix roebelenii – This plant grows upto 3 feet and is known for creating statement in a room. Strong main trunk along with long leaves is some of the physical attributes of the plant. And its most important functionality includes removal of toxins from air.


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If you do not have plants in indoors, maybe it is the right time to make a space for few. Hope the above mentioned houseplants will make your indoors beautiful and purify the air.

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