Do’s And Don’ts Of Interior Designing By Home Grown Decoration


Today everyone is moving towards an increased standard of living. People are paying more attention towards quality of life and working towards increasing it than before. As a result they are looking for quality instead of quantity. And the best place to start the process of high quality of life and fine taste is HOME.

Yes, whether we buy one or put in efforts to make one, home can certainly reflect style, elegance, refined taste, and could speak volumes about one’s personality. Be it kitchen, dining area, living room, hallway, outdoors, entrance, bedroom or even bathroom, one can certainly design and decorate it that defines you and your way of living.


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However, there are certain designing mistakes people tend to make. And don’t worry; it is quite natural because you are not experienced. Today we are going to discuss Do’s & Don’t of Interior Designing so that you avoid making mistakes that few people have made already and learned from it.

Do’s & Don’t of Interior Designing

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1. Sound Planning – This is pre-requisite to designing a home that defines you, your persona. Strong planning means you have done your research; you have gathered the required data, ideas and inspirations and are absolutely ready to take it a step ahead i.e. ready to go with designing and decoration.

2. Furniture – Furniture falls under the category of big investment items and you are not going to buy new furniture every year. Hence, keep in mind the durability of furniture while buying it. Give special heed to the quality.

3. Paints – This is the last step towards achieving your perfect personal space. You can either begin the designing process with paint or end with it. However, the colors you choose to paint the walls of an area can make it or break it. Hence, it should be chosen wisely. Colors should complement the overall look of the room especially the furniture and floor plan.

4. Lights – Make sure lights are neither too dim nor too bright. There are a lot of ways to experiment with the lights – lamps, fixed ceiling lights, chandelier, and hanging lights to name a few.


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1. Clutter – It should be avoided at any cost. If your room is well designed but too cramped up with furnishings and doesn’t have enough leg space, it is not going to appeal you. Having just the right quantity of furniture with enough walking space can make even a moderately designed area look good.

2. Over – Match – well matching the design elements is essential to planning interiors of the home. However, overly matching elements must be avoided at any cost. The idea is to create an overall appealing look, which means having a collection of well coordinated and related colors, designs, prints or style.

3. Overlook The Details – Interior designing is all about looking for intricate and minute details. Small details can speak a lot about your knack for perfect interiors. Be it the kind of linens or even pillow you use, choosing the right details will make your home personalized and visually appealing.

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