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Home Office is the brain of a home. It is a work space away from actual work, where all the brilliant ideas pop out, strategies are planned and executed to achieve targets and grow business. Home office must exude positive vibes, ambience that has a perfect match of work and play for optimum productivity. And thus properly ordered, organized and planned office can give the right momentum to a slackening home workplace. Let’s talk about the distractions in a home office. Mess, disorderly arranged work place can have negative impact on efficiency. And the situation worsens if home office is both chaotic and small.


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Do not worry friends!! We have just the right ideas and inspirations to spruce up your home office as we know the importance of an organized work area on the yield and output. We are going to share tips to create a balance between the books, presentations and also little time out to relax. Also, it doesn’t matter if the home office is big or small until and unless an entire room is dedicated to it and if you transform it in a way that fits your personal style and needs. Just a little thorough and thoughtful planning, preparation and personal touch can create a home office that’s just right for you.


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1. Declutter The Paper Work – if your office desk is inundated with papers – letters, bills, documents, and contracts to name a few, it is a matter of concern. You must declutter all the papers. Sit through and sort out papers that need your attention. Assign a file to each category and infact make it little fun, assign a color to each file so that gradually it becomes easy for you to pick the file you need.


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2. Do It Yourself Caddies – you need no invest heavily in even the tiny items you might use in daily life. For example – instead of buying a holder for pens and other stationery, you can shell out little time to make caddies for the office. This way you won’t lose your favorite pen or marker every now and then.


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3. Tame The Cords – if it is an office, you are bound to have cords all over. Laptop charger, phone charger, and half a dozen other cables. Organize your desk by conquering the cords as they look very untidy and messy if let loose and open on the desk or inside the drawers. Assign a basket to it or simply roll and wrap a paper around each and name it as well.


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4. Display Your Thoughts – well business requires active learning almost all the times. You constantly have to research and search for content to broaden your horizon. Your home office will look more fun and lively if you display your thoughts on walls of the office. You liked an article, print it and stick on the wall. You liked a quote, frame it and hang it on the wall.


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There are many way you can personalize your home office. We would like to hear your ideas as well.

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