Top 10 List of Shabby Chic Decorations That Will Add a Vintage Touch to Your Home

Do not be afraid to mix and match

The frenzy over shabby chic decorations has been fueled by a number of unique and beautiful posts on Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media sites. Shabby chic decors spruce up a home and make it look more enticing to live in. If you are looking for some ideas on shabby chic decorations to add a vintage feel to your home, then you have come to the right place.

In this post, we are giving you the top 10 list of shabby chic decorations that you can get some ideas to make your home more vintage looking. Check them out and do some home renovations this new year.

  • Shabby chic pillows: Pillows are among the small stuff that you can add to your home if you want to instantly change the aesthetics of your house. Pillows are also affordable which you can easily purchase to provide that shabby chic vibe. Sofa, couches, chairs, and beds are the common sites for pillows but these days, the pillows can also be placed directly on the floor for a homier look.

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  • Picture frames: Picture frames are another type of decoration that can be easily added to a house to give that shabby chic look. Get ou

    You can even do a two-color distress frame. Layer two colors of your preferred chalk paint. Set it aside to dry. You can also opt to add other designs by pasting it on the frame. Then distress the paint by rubbing off some of the paint slowly. You can also age a wood frame with some wax.

    Picture framesImage Source: Google Imagey

  • r old picture frames or you can also use new ones. The trick is to distress the paint of the frame and you have your own DIY shabby chic picture frame.

  • Framed jewelry organizer: It is convenient and space-saving to have a jewelry organizer. Having a shabby chic one is far better especially if it is a DIY one. Keeping your pieces of jewelry in small boxes makes it easier for you to forget about them because they are hidden from your view. They can just clatter in your drawers, and worst, they can all be tangled and difficult to untangle when you are in a rush to use one.

    For a DIY shabby chic jewelry organizer, get a picture frame where you can attach a wire at the back to replace the glass cover. Fasten the wires with a staple gun and you already have a place to hang your earrings. You can also distress the frame for a more classic look.

    Add a shelf for your bracelets and necklaces below the picture frame jewelry organizer. Use some dowels and drawer pulls in the shelf to accommodate all your pieces of jewelry in one location.

  • Wood shelf: Wood shelves are easy to convert into a shabby chic looking one. Just distress the paint off the shelves and you’re good to go.

    Or you can make a new shabby chic wood shelf with these simple steps:

    1. Get lumber around 2″ thick and cut it according to the preferred length. Prepare the number of lumbers according to the number of shelves you want to establish.
    2. Prepare the brackets that will hold the lumber shelves. Look for a shabby chic looking one to add more character to the shelves.
    3. Stain the lumber and the shelving brackets with your preferred paint colors.
    4. Wax the shelves for a good finish.
    5. Wipe the paint several times with a cloth, paintbrush, or sandpaper to distress the stain.
    6. Mount the distressed shelves using the shelving brackets.
  • Shutters wall decor: Shutters are no longer for windows alone. They can be repurposed to fill up a blank wall to give a house a more rustic look. You can opt to have it cover the whole wall or just a portion of it. You can focus on the window area by placing it on both sides of the window and you’ll have a dressed up window.

    You can also dress up a headboard or a fireplace with some rustic shutters. Some even used it as shelves and hanging area. A little creativity can go a long way.

    Feel free to paint your shutters with your favorite tint. Shabby chic paints usually belong in the female decor style and one cannot go wrong with a chalky, sage, cottage, metallic, or antique pinks, greens, or blues.

  • Mason jar pen holders: Some of us cannot live without pens and we hoard it like there is no tomorrow. Consequently, our house and office space are cluttered with pens which usually are hard to find when you need them.

    Mason jars are nice containers for pens but they are prettier when painted and distressed for a shabbier look. Paint your mason jar with your favorite rustic color. Paint it in thin coats and wait for the paint to dry. Then wipe it a bit to distress the stain once dry and your mason jar is ready for your pens and pencils. Like the other stuff, you can also add some character with lace, ribbons, and flowers to make them look more enticing.

  • Curtains: Shabby chic curtains are mostly vintage in style. They look a little worn in vintage floral patterns, ticking stripes, old French linens and soft kinds of cotton, lace, and frills. With your shabby chic curtains, you can easily dress up your windows and be delighted with the colors, lace, and flowers they usually come with.

    CurtainsImage Source: Google Image

  • Decorated shabby chic bottles: Old bottles can be turned into shabby chic decors. Clean them up and decorate with some lace, ribbons, and flowers and they are ready for your shelves. You can use them as decors on their own or as flower base for your kitchen or living room.

  • Wreath: Add in a wreath on your front door and welcome your guests with your shabby chic decor. An empty wall in your room or living area can also use some wreath. You can easily purchase them or create one using some old ribbons, flowers, fabric, and circular styrofoam.

    WreathImage Source: Google Image

  • Repurposed tin cans and wine bottles: Tin cans are always plenty of homes and restaurants. These items can be up cycled into shabby chic decors. All you need are some paint, a paint brush, and a distressing material like cloth or sandpaper and you can start making repurposed tin cans. You can also add some lace and ribbon to dress them up further.

    Place these items on your shelves or on tabletops and you can use them as containers or flower base depending on your preference.

Additional Points to Consider in Decorating a House the Shabby Chic Way

  1. Do not be afraid to mix and match: The shabby chic look comes in stained and distressed look as well as metals and irons. So do not be afraid to add them in your decor. Furnishings must come in various colors, finishes, styles, and era. The more varied they are, the more interesting and vintage will be the outcome.

    Do not be afraid to mix and matchImage Source: Google Image

  2. Feminine look is fun and inclusive: Some women are afraid to dress up their home in a shabby chic way thinking their husbands and other male children or home companions may not find it appropriate for them. Keep in mind that the shabby chic look is actually fun and men also need the feminine comfort that it brings. Besides, it also includes vintage furnishings and you can add these up in a manly way like old, worn out bikes hanging on your wall. Again, do not be afraid to mix and match. It is fun that way.

  3. Add in vintage elements: Vintage accessories, hardware, and fixtures painted in white or even in pastel colors provide a shabby chic look in a room. Use the old stuff of your grandparents or rummage an antique shop and you will never go wrong with some vintage elements in your house.

  4. The shabby chic look is easy to achieve with distinct colors: In terms of tints and shades, one cannot go wrong with pinks, blues, and greens. Use the sage, bungalow, metallic, chalky, and antique ones to dress your house the shabby chic way. Do not forget to distress the paint to make it more vintage looking.

  5. Use different shades of whites: White is not a specific color but different shades of it add a lot of shabby chic character in a house. Use a lot of whites and give your house that intimate feel that any person can appreciate. Your white items can also add that extra-light, cool, and lovely feeling.

  6. Fill your house with shabby chic fabrics and cover your furnishings for a more fluffy feeling: Delicate vintage fabrics like lace and some floral prints complete a shabby chic look of a home. Use curtains and pillowcases with ruffles to add extra flair and texture. Add some slipcovered furniture with floral prints or French fabrics for a cozier look.

This list of decoration ideas can keep you busy the whole month. Start it early so you can enjoy the cozy feels of a shabby chic new home this 2019 and you are all set for more Pinterest and Instagram posts.

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