Tips on Adding Rose Gold Accents to Your Home

Tips on Adding Rose Gold Accents to Your Home

Tips on Adding Rose Gold Accents to Your Home
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Rose gold decor continued to trend throughout 2017, and it seems to be entering the new year with the same gusto. The color is so versatile it can accentuate classic or contemporary color schemes. More importantly, an added splash for luxury or a splurge for a feminine influence will highlight a variety of color ornamentation or design concepts. The rose gold palette is not for everyone, but it can be with just the right touch.

When deciding on how much rose gold accent to add, it is essential to keep in mind the size of your home, the gender of household members, style concept, and budget. The average size of a single-family home is just above 2,600 square feet, so you have much space to cover if you want to makeover every room in your house. Before underscoring the beauty of your home with an over-abundance of rose gold accent, take a moment to think about how each piece can singularly transform the interior of your home.

  • Color Schemes: Before we talk about decor, let’s discuss color schemes. Pink metals have, for the most part, entered the realm of trendy decor over the last decade. Solid colors like neutral gray, white, or black are sure fits with rose gold as their colors make your decor the focal point in a room.

    Pastels, as well, are extremely functional in that rose gold fits with any changes you want to make in the future. Rose gold is a combination of 75 percent gold, 22.25 percent copper, and 2.75 percent silver components, so these blended metals mix well with many home furnishings.

  • Bedroom: People spend almost one-third of their time in their bedrooms. It is a room you can make your own if metallic pink defines you.If you have a significant other, adding a little rose gold is an excellent way to blend in gender-neutral colors.Adding a headboard, bedside table, and a lamp can do wonders for bringing a space to life.If that is just a bit much, try adding a clock, picture frames or small wall decor.

  • Living Room: The living room is usually the first place that visitors enter, so you want to select items that add elegance.Choosing this room to accessorize is a choice well made since you can incorporate rose gold with just about anything. A chic light fixture, planters, and a framed art piece can add flair to any living room.

    If you want a bit more, try adding a rose gold coffee table and a matching set of end tables to revitalize this area. If you decide to tone it down, you can select a few candlesticks to add some sophistication.

  • Kitchen: You might be surprised to know that people spend more money remodeling kitchens than any other room in the home. Be gentle with your kitchen as you want to blend functionality with aesthetically pleasing designs. You should keep in mind that rose gold is a trend that may come and go with seasons.

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    Do you need expensive rose-gold marble counter tops or appliances? While stunning, they do not offer much aesthetically if you want to change your color scheme to a tone that is less engaging.

    Try enhancing your kitchen with any of these great ideas.

    Add a sink, bar stools,and fixtures to modernize your kitchen.

    • Accent your cabinets with smaller appliances to add visual appeal.

    • Highlight the beauty of your dining table with tableware and utensils.

    • Install spice and wine racks if you crave just a touch of alloyed metals.

    For the Dining Room

    • Research the decor periods to find dated pieces that are easily reproducible. A dining room chandelier from the Georgian period or a Victorian-era mahogany sideboard with rose gold inlay are DIY projects that will bring out your creativity.

      For the Dining Room
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  • Bathroom: Bathrooms are all about functionality. You will spend almost two hours a week there, so go for comfortability, too. Sink and tub fixtures, a vanity mirror, a soap dish and a dispenser are excellent choices to blend color schemes. Mixing the pastel color of the paint, the shower tiling and curtains will do much to bring your accessories together. Do not forget to include stylish hand towels to diversify your bathroom design.

  • DIY Ideas: An excellent way to add just a hint of rose gold is to undertake DIY projects that are every bit as elegant as the in-store brands. Many quality online sites offer a variety of rose gold beads that are perfect for home improvement projects like beaded chandeliers and wall lights. Moreover, they are budget friendly if you find those ready-to-install fixtures to be a bit pricey.

    • Sand melts into glass between 3,200 and 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Torch it and then tint it with gold metal salts to bring out the coloring in DIY glass decor.

    • Fill rose gold handled glass jars with copper brushed beads to accent coffee or kitchen tables.

    • Use a combination of materials like stained glass, porcelain,and ceramic to make a breathtaking mosaic art piece.These pieces range commercially between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. DIY mosaics add artistic flair without the price tag.

    • Use plaster of paris to create ceramic art decor. Accent them with rose gold be ads to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Make white ceramic bowls to hold them in as well. If you have children, mold their hands to personalize your living space. Add a touch of rose gold paint to bring the pieces together.

  • Caring for Rose Gold: Now that you have learned a bit more about how to accent your home, you might be wondering about the upkeep before making such an investment.It is advisable to let a professional clean a valuable antique. You may decide to purchase cleaning solutions, but they can be harsh to metallic surfaces which will cause damage over time. Rose gold metallics can otherwise be cleaned with soapy water. Pat dry afterward to retain its patina.

    Rose gold is a highly sought-after design concept which bodes well for 2018. There are thousands of ways to incorporate rose gold into your home.

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