How to Make Your Move Hassle-free: 7 Professional Removals Services to Consider

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Moving from a country like Australia to any other part of the world is one major cause of stress for homeowners. But with proper planning and preparation, the hassles and difficulties related to a move can significantly be reduced.

Planning for your upcoming move and completing all essential tasks on time can take a lot of your time and effort. With several errands on your to-do list, on top of your daily obligations at home and at work, you might find yourself quickly burning out. This is why you should enlist the help of professional removalists.

Luckily, there are reputable removals companies in Australia to help you during this tedious period. They can provide you with a wide range of services that will make your relocation as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Generally, they will handle the transfer of your goods so you can take care of other important tasks, such as preparing your family for the move, looking for the best schools for your kids, doing research on your new neighborhood, and many more.

But before securing an agreement with a removalist, make sure to look into the services they offer. You would not want to look for another removal company in the middle of the move just because the company you have chosen can’t provide a certain service you need.

Indeed, there are various aspects to consider before making a final choice to ensure that you choose one that offers the best moving services at affordable prices. For instance, you must ask for quotes from at least three reliable removal companies and compare these with each other. Prioritize quality over the cost of each service they deliver. Take note that some removal companies may offer their relocation services at higher rates than the others because they cover more items and they make use of superb packing supplies and more advanced moving equipment.

Here are seven services your chosen removalists must provide to help ensure a smooth and stress-free move.

  1. Pre-move assistance and decluttering: Decluttering is one of the vital steps of the removal process. With this done, you will only be bringing things you need, which can also help reduce the removal cost.

    Getting rid of the things you no longer need may seem like an easy task. But if you are suffering from an illness, you are moving with your kids and elderly parents, or you have lots of things to deal with, a pre-move assistance and decluttering service can be of great help. You will have extra hands to sort your things and prepare your home before you start packing.

  2. Packing and unpacking services: Packing is one of the tiring tasks related to the removal process. Your kitchen, for instance, has plenty of breakable and fragile items that must be packed safely to ensure that everything arrives at your new home damage-free. Unless you have the right packing skills, consider letting the expert removalists pack some or all of your items.

    Packing and unpacking services
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    Reputable removalists offer different packing solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. For instance, you can just let them pack the fragile items, or perhaps your entire kitchen, while you pack the other items. In this case, they can provide you with all the packing materials you will need, such as moving boxes, packing tapes, and bubble wrap.

    Furthermore, you can invest in their unpacking services so you can settle into your home with ease.

  3. Storage: Trustworthy removalists will provide you with storage solutions if you need a safe place for some of your items. This service often includes the delivery and collection of your items. You can even let the removal experts pack the items you want to store. They will wrap your furniture and other goods in plastic or cover them with heavy-duty blankets.

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    Everything will be handled with extreme care to make sure that your items remain in excellent condition until the time you decide to take them out of storage.

    Furthermore, the removalists will take inventory of all the items you store. Before being put away, each item will be modularized and labeled first. Take note as well that digitized records are kept so that if any disaster occurs to the paper records, the company will still know the exact location of all the items you kept.

    And even if you choose to store your items for long-term, their safety is guaranteed because the storage facility undergoes gutter, roof, and electrical inspections twice each year.

  4. Furniture removals: If you just need to move some of your furniture across a metropolitan area, for instance, professional removalists can help you as well. They make use of special equipment to make sure that your cabinets, sofas, and other home furnishings will arrive at their intended destination in good condition.

    Furniture removals
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    Also, these pros have the right strategies and skills to move your furniture even in the most difficult situations. If you can’t get your huge sofa or cabinet through your narrow hallway and door, you will be surprised at how strategic these furniture removalists are. They can perform these kinds of tasks with ease.

  5. House cleaning:

    House Cleaning
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    The last thing you might want (or have time) to do after you take all your items out of your old house is to make it move-in ready for the next occupants. Fortunately, professional removalists can handle this task on your behalf. They have experienced exit cleaners who can make the property clean and tidy before it is handed back to its owner or put up for sale.

  6. Pet transport:

    Pet Transport
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    Pets are part of the family, but relocating with them is far different from moving with your kids. For instance, pets are not allowed to sit beside you on a plane or to travel with your goods in a moving truck. They must be relocated separately.

    So make sure that the removalist you have chosen also specializes in pet transport. This way, you will have peace of mind that your furry friend is safe and happy despite being away from you during the trip.

  7. Car transport: Like your pets, your car will also be moved separately. Removalists can arrange everything on your behalf to make sure that your vehicle is transported carefully and is covered with the right insurance. These pros will take care of your vehicle as if it were their own.

    The removal process, whether you are relocating to another state or to a different country, is a stressful endeavor. But if you enlist the help of professional removalists who can meet your specific relocation needs and budget, you can have a timely and hassle-free move without all the usual stress.

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