Comfortable Bed Types And Options For A Sound Sleep

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What is the first thing you do once you reach home from work or school or college or party or a night out with friends? Of course, you go to your room and lie on the bed. The place can be compared to heaven especially when you are tired. We call it our “happy place” to be honest. Home decor ideas are incomplete without a well-researched bed. Be it a hotel or even a hostel, the bed is certainly the first thing we ever notice. After all, we deserve a good sleep and it gets better with the comfort level of the bed.

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There has been a gradual transformation in the design of beds. From just the mattress on the ground to iron khaat to wooden beds, the change has been slow but sure. We live in times where the design and quality of bed can also be used to describe our taste or way of living. There is an array of bed design to suit your needs. One can buy beds off the rack or can even customize to suit the needs. There a lot of home furnishing brands or one can also buy beds from handicraft stores for a vintage feel. The types of beds could be – single, double. In double we have Queen size & King size beds and bunk beds come under a single category. Today, we will discuss beds as bedroom decoration ideas.

  • Round Beds: not too common, round beds are perfect for teenagers. Neither too big nor too small, we feel such beds are ideal for growing kids. You can effortlessly match the bed with the overall interiors of the room. See the below image for reference. The way whites and grays of the bed itself, bed sheet, pillow cover and blanket matches with the overall theme of the room, makes the room look elegant and classy.

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  • Low Beds: people also prefer low beds for comfort and various reasons. This is a new trend in interior designing. We feel natural walnut looks the best in this type of bed design. Also when the bed is low, the level of comfort depends entirely on the mattress. Make sure you go for a thick mattress for a soothing sleep. See the below image for reference. Such a neat arrangement of bed and accessories!!

    Low Beds Bedroom Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Romantic Bedroom Designs: yes, the bedroom should ooze romance, the feeling of belongingness and how you have kept it alive. See the below image for reference. Opulence is what this room reeks of. This defines the luxurious taste of the couple in all things fine and is blatantly visible in every inch. The way floor, walls, ceiling, rugs, curtains, bed and bed linens match shows it has been thoughtfully planned and designed.

    Romantic Bedroom Designs Bedroom Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Royal Bed For An Extravagant Experience: if you have money and opportunity to have a majestic bedroom, we would any day suggest going for a regal design. See the below image for reference. We are sure you would love every inch of it if you have an eye for an imperial and splendid decor.

    Royal Bed For An Extravagant Experience Bedroom Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

Apart from the options we suggested, give prime importance to your comfort level before buying the bed. We would like to know your views in the comments below.

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