Home Remodel Ideas – 6 Bathroom Improvements To Consider

Add Textured Tiles for Your Shower Floor

Refurbishing your bathroom not only updates its overall style but also adds more value to your property – after all, renovations are an excellent way to incorporate improvements that serve for the years to come!

That said, if you are planning to shell out money on a bathroom remodel, then here are a few essential improvements that you can consider. These changes will help you enhance the overall storage, comfort and functionality of your bathroom.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at these top 6 home remodels.

  1. Incorporate Heated Designer Towel Radiators: An excellent way to heat up your bathroom while also quickly drying your towels, incorporating designer towel radiators is one of the best and most essential bathroom improvements you should consider.

    Incorporate Heated Designer Towel Radiators

    Not only is it an efficient and renewable heating solution but also helps enhance the overall visual appearance of your bathroom.

    Available in an array of designs from vertical and horizontal to cast iron and column radiators, a heated towel rail from The Radiator Factory is amongst those heating systems that you can never go wrong with. Moreover, it is also available in different colours meaning you can now choose one that best suits your bathroom’s existing interiors.

  2. Go for a Hidden Tank, Low Flow Toilet: Installing toilets that are equipped with hidden tanks, where the water storage vessel is fixed within the wall, can offer your bathroom various benefits.

    You should absolutely consider it when refurbishing your bathroom, particularly if it is small in size – this is primarily because the design of a hidden tank toilet is a major space saver. Also known as hidden cistern toilets, these not only save you ample space but the low flow models also save a lot of water.

    Go for a Hidden Tank, Low Flow Toilet

    Moreover, these are considered to be a smart option as they increase your home’s value after a remodel.

    While these are appropriate for most bathroom styles, they are a perfect fit for contemporary and modern decor. However, know that its routine maintenance can be slightly overwhelming (well, that is, to say the least!) because there is no easy way to access its tank, especially if it is the inner functions that need attention.

    If this isn’t something you want, then you could simply choose an alternative that leverages pressure valves; but know that these are quite noisy and might give your bathroom an industrial look.

  3. Add Textured Tiles for Your Shower Floor: When it comes to your bathroom’s walls and flooring, you have plenty of tile options to choose from – however, the most important feature that you need to consider is safety.

    In that case, it is better to go for small, textured tiles. The additional grouting and texture of your tiles will prevent you from slipping once the floor is wet and soapy. What’s more, these tiles are also easy to clean and maintain since their grout can resist stains, mould and humidity.

    Add Textured Tiles for Your Shower Floor

    Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the two of the most versatile options, as they offer different decor and style possibilities in your bathroom; why not mix and match various colours and patterns to add to the visual impact?

    If you are someone who doesn’t love much of a dramatic feel, then you could go for a harmonious look.

  4. Install 2 Inch Plumbing Drain Pipes: Although this is a very small and sort of an invisible bathroom remodel idea, it does make a huge difference especially in terms of functionality.

    Install 2 Inch Plumbing Drain Pipes

    Usually, a bathroom plumbing drain pipe is 1 ½ or 1 ¼ inch and typically made of PVC plastic. However, this drain pipe tends to clog easily particularly if you have a big family using the same bath and/or shower.

    Installing a 2-inch plumbing drain pipe, on the other hand, can dramatically enhance the quality of your drainage while also reducing your repair costs.

  5. Get a Tub Installed Only If It Will Be Actually Used: While a lot of people install tubs in their bathroom because they feel it is necessary, the others go for it just to add a luxurious touch. However, bathtubs aren’t a necessity particularly when it is not being used as frequently as it should be.

    If you really love bathtubs then absolutely go for it; but if you would rarely use it, better get a larger shower installed in the bathroom.

    Get a Tub Installed

    Again, go for a tub if you have kids at home; if you already have a bathroom with a shower/tub combination, then you can certainly do away with a bathtub in your master bathroom and instead, replace it with a luxurious shower.

    Moreover, it always makes sense to go for elements that are more functional than aesthetically pleasing; this means it is best to leave out the tub!

  6. Include More Lighting: Bathrooms usually receive very little natural light, which means it surely needs excellent lighting. That said, while planning your bathroom renovation, add or change your current lighting in order to enhance the mood and functionality of your space.

    The first and most important change needs to be the addition of dimmer for main lights – if you love taking baths, know that artificial lighting is only going to be a bummer; why not go for dimmers and set the right mood?

    Include More Lighting

    Once that is done, go on and add other lighting elements around your mirror as that will give you the best lighting while doing your hair, shaving or other tasks. While you are at it, why not consider installing lighting in your shower? This will help you make the space more pleasant and safer!

Bathroom Renovation – Remodel and Improve

A bathroom renovation needs to be done in a way that helps you make the space as functional, efficient and elegant as possible.

That said when you are planning your bathroom remodel and thinking about the kind of improvements you’d want to change or add to

space, it is essential for you to take these small yet crucial changes into consideration!

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