7 Tips to Make Your Living Room More Elegant

Create a Focal Point

Do you want to spruce up your living room without spending a lot of money? It is possible to revamp any space, including the living room with simple and cost-effective home decor ideas. Here in this post, we will shed light on the top seven tips to make your living room more elegant. Read on.

  1. Install a Statement Lighting Fixture: With matching lighting fixtures, it is possible to achieve a coherent and pleasing appearance for your living room without having to invest in expensive living room decoration ideas.

    You can try a combination of ceiling light fixtures, floor lamps, table lamps, etc. or add drama with the help of a statement piece such as a trendy crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, a fun lampshade placed by the sofa, recessed lighting, etc.

    Install a Statement Lighting Fixture
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    Make sure your lighting scheme is geared towards creating a calm and comfortable ambience. If you intend to use smaller lights in addition to a statement lighting fixture, try to create overlapping or intersecting arcs of light to ensure proper distribution of illumination. You can, for instance, position different light sources in such a way that they form a triangle in your living room.

  2. Add Wall Mirrors to Create Illusion of Space: A mirror can be a great decorative addition to your living room. Mirrors help create an illusion of space & depth. They can make your living room feel bigger, more open, and brighter, distribute natural and man-made light, and hide imperfections if any. No wonder, nearly all major interior decoration ideas include the addition of wall mirrors in different shapes and styles.

    Add Wall Mirrors to Create Illusion of Space
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    Large mirrors need not be ornate to create a luxurious appearance. If a large mirror is not an option, you can group smaller mirrors instead. Mirrors can create an excellent backdrop for sofas or complement wall art, drapery, etc. You can place a mirror directly opposite a window, above the mantel, on an accent wall or even inclined in one corner.

  3. Update Your Floor Covering or Use Large Rugs: Floor covering in a frequently used space such as your living room should ideally provide comfort underfoot while making a design statement. There is no dearth of design options in floor coverings. For living room floors, hardwood floors with large rugs are among the most popular choices. But, you can also consider ceramic tile, stone tile, and wall-to-wall carpeting work.

    If you are in no mood to invest in the expensive floor covering right now or don’t want to rip apart the existing floor covering, you can just invest in an area rug for now.

    Update Your Floor Covering or Use Large Rugs
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    Area rugs that fit well under all essential furniture such as sofa, coffee table, etc. will make your living room bigger and more organized. Adding large rugs is one of the easiest ways to raise the bar in style and make your living room more elegant. Sure, large rugs don’t come cheap. But, you can opt for natural fiber rugs such as sisal or jute if you are on a budget.

  4. Use Draperies to Create a Feeling of Comfort and Luxury: It’s surprising how often window treatments feature in home decor ideas. A space without draperies, curtains, or shades does not really look complete and you know that. Draperies don’t just provide window insulation. They can also be used to control light and beautify a space.

    Use Draperies to Create a Feeling of Comfort and Luxury
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    Hang window treatments such as draperies or curtains as high as possible on the wall for the best results. Full-length drapes blend extremely well with upholstery, area rugs, and other decorative items found in living rooms. An elevated placement helps create volume in a living room; drapes hung from a cornice or the ceiling create the illusion of a higher ceiling. If you check out interior decor of luxurious living rooms online, you will find many of them featuring a high-ceiling.

    In case expensive draperies aren’t in your budget, you can just double up on panels. Hanging multiple panels of curtains or draperies in a solid colour is a good way to give your living room a more luxurious look. This way, you can also conceal inferior details or imperfections in low-cost draperies.

  5. Create a Focal Point: Your living room’s focal point is where your guests’ eyes will fall when they come inside. A focal point helps anchor the space, be it a living room, bedroom, or kitchen. In many Victorian homes, for instance, a large fireplace or hanging wall painting serves as a focal point.

    Your living room can have an oversized mirror, artwork, antique item, red brick wall, gallery wall, potted tree, or even a patch of contrasting paint as a focal point.

    Create a Focal Point
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    You can have two or even three focal points (e.g. a mirror, potted plant, and artwork) in your living room. Just make sure they don’t compete with each. So, pair them up. Next, decorate your living room around the focal point to create a cohesive feel. You can also group furniture and various decorative items around the focal point.

  6. Update the Color Palette: Be sure to pick the right colour palette for your living room walls. It will affect how your guests feel when they spend time in the space.

    Update the Color Palette
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    A soothing colour palette can make your living room feel calm and collected. You can use the Color Wheel to find the right colour palette but make sure to consider the colour of existing furniture, upholstery, and decorative items. Adjacent colours on the Color Wheel appear more casual and relaxing.

  7. Luxurious Pillows & Throws: Make a small investment in throw pillows and blankets made of fabrics such as silk, velvet, or metallic linen. These fabrics will not only make your living room look more elegant but also create a layered appearance.

    Luxurious Pillows & Throws
    Image Source: Unsplash

    Throw pillows and blankets should complement your current armchair, bench, or sofa as well as the overall colour scheme of your living room.

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