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Living in a joint family, I never had a privilege to have my own room; I had to share my room with siblings and cousins. I always dreamt of having my own room and decorate it the way I want. I even used to look for bedroom decoration ideas on web. A time came when I moved away from family for higher studies. The decision of moving away was little difficult, but I was also excited about what lied ahead, the freedom, the independence, socializing, friends and a lot of exploration. I was looking forward to the new beginning and the thought of having my own room raised the level of excitement even more. I shared a 1 BHK flat with another girl. We bonded quite well in a less span of time. And one day after a discussion we came to a mutual agreement of our only bedroom decoration. My happiness knew no bounds and I couldn’t wait to start the process.

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A good one week was spent on planning, planning our requirements, our likes (most of them did match, and the one’s that didn’t we found alternatives to work them out) and some more planning. Also, we had budget limitations so we thought of going with a lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas – paint, lamp, frames and more. To start with, we painted our room, like artistic painting with bright colors and made one wall lively with the art. On the second wall we had our cabinets and cupboards. One side of our bed faced the third wall. Remaining was another wall and we wanted to fill it with our passion, our dreams. It had a lot of frames, quotes, and instruments of interests. We took the entire planning, designing and decoration phase slowly; with utmost grace and patience coz we knew the importance of this opportunity. Gradually, at a snail’s pace we converted our room into a dream bedroom that every teenager would love to have. We had the right colors, light and recreational space. Though the process seemed difficult in the beginning, but we put it off quite well. We had a small house warming party right after the room was ready. Everybody appreciated our efforts (and of course they did envy us), our room was the highlight of our flat. And we were more than proud of our creation.

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Now when I look back to the carefree age, when all we wanted to do was “follow our own rules”, I can do only one thing and that is miss it all. Like dearly miss it. Growing up comes with its own terms and conditions. Today when I look back to the pictures of our “dream room” then, it never fails to bring a smile to my face. I go back to the memory lane and cherish every bit of it. Even now I always make sure that I make my bedroom come alive by decorating it the way I want – with colors, frames, pots, cabinets, souvenirs and basically anything that I could relate to.

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