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Kids room

You won’t deny the fact that the best place to unleash your creative, innovative and artistic mind is indeed Kid’s bedroom. You can bring out all the crazy, out of the box and off the rag ideas to make the room look and feel perfect for your kids. Kids spend major part of day in their rooms. Sleeping, studying, playing, reading, and creating are the major everyday activities that kids spend their time doing in their rooms. Now you can understand the depth of creating their rooms a haven for their passion and their little personality in making. Their rooms should be fun, appealing, cheering and inspiring.

Kids room

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With so many choices already, planning the design and décor seems too daunting a task. But let me tell you, you neither have to be an efficient tradesperson nor spend extravagantly for this. Make sure to keep the room simple and show your creative streak with Do It Yourself (DIY) stuff. And of course we are here to suggest you few important points that you shouldn’t miss while planning a room for your kids.

1. Life is a Carnival – you can’t be a part of actual carnival every day, however you can create one in the room of little ones using a string of bunting or lights to create a cheerful ambience.

Life is a Carnival

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2. Blackboard is a Must – children do not shy away from showing their artistic side. Few of them like to draw or write and learn. Few just want to doodle around. Making their door or cupboard in the form a blackboard is a good option. You can also opt to just a hang a blackboard on one of the walls.

3. Wallpaper – you can use patterned wallpaper on one wall or all four walls can add to the vigor and spirit to their rooms. Also, wallpaper with universe or nature pattern can give a fresh look to the wall and could be paired with other patterns.


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4. Storage Solutions – get creative with the storage solutions like – a DIY basket hanging for the toys or converting a book shelf to a showcase for letting the little ones present their work and use the space for their belongings as well.

5. Frames – don’t forget to invest in frames. A wall dedicated to the drawings, paintings and random doodles of your child can do wonders. Frame their work and showcase their work, it not makes them feel good about themselves but also in still confidence in them.


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6. Space for a Map – large or small, a map is a must have in children room, so that they know about where they live, about the geography of the globe and better understating of where they live. You can either dedicate the entire wall to it with a large map or just a small poster of an ideal size to it.

7. Work Table – here comes the most important part of the room. The work table or study table. Make it interesting by adding cabinets and drawers wherever required. You can go for vintage school desks or contemporary desks.

8. All Smiles – kids want to feel loved and having a few cushions with smiling face will put them at ease and make them feel safe and have a good night sleep.

Don’t forget to involve your kids in the making of their rooms. Ask them to lend a helping hand or just ask for their suggestions and even ideas or maybe assign them to paint one wall of the room. This will make them feel wanted and let them personalize it to their needs.

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