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Outdoor Lightings

When we think of making our own house, we think of several home decor ideas on how will we decorate the interior of our house. Where will the couches go, how the bedroom and study room should look, which counter tops to select for the kitchen, and much more. But did you notice something here? YES, you are missing out huge on the outdoor settings. You might have included some furniture in your balcony, or in your backyard, but do you feel that is enough? If not done well, outdoors has the potential to ruin the look and feel of your house.

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The best way to decorate the exterior of the house be it the entrance, the gardens, the backyard, or anything else, is to light them up. Lighting, be it interior or exterior can completely change the way your house looks. Lighting is everything in a color. They say, where there is no light, there is no beauty. Then why not light every corner of your house? Right? Therefore, we have brought for you, some incredible home decor ideas for your outdoor beautification with the help of various lights. Following are some of them:

  • String lights: They not only give a festive vibe but look gorgeous enough to make any dull place, happening. String lights are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors and can fit any budget size. Sting lights sure know how to steal the attention and make anything the unexpected focal point. You can either use string lights to illuminate food and drink areas or to brighten up the space for dancing. They also look great when wrapped around tree trunks, trellises or even deck railings.

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  • Lanterns: This is the best way to add a contemporary yet ethnic and traditional feel to your outdoors. Lanterns have been a part of our societies since time immemorial. They add a pop of a color against the natural green backdrop. For an amazing makeover, you can place a group of smaller lanterns on a side table next to the conversation area providing intense and more intimate lighting, and place larger lanterns on the floor.

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  • Landscape lighting: They are amazing not only because they illuminate the trees, flowers, shrubs and other plants in your garden, but also because through the lights on them, you can proudly flaunt your hard work you have been doing since years. The come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and have different types like the low-voltage, solar and LED, etc.

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  • Fire pits: They are best when it comes to winters. These are highly preferred in the northern areas. They not only beautify your place but also help you keep it warm and cozy. The fire pits can be either constructed on a table, or like a fireplace or can be brought from the markets, readymade, and mobile. These are available in various designs and pattern.

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  • Candles: Be it a festival, a romantic dinner date, birthday of your child, or a girls night out, candles can absolutely light up any event. All you need to do is to buy some candles, that are available in different fancy shapes and colors, and light them near and around your sitting area. What’s even better? Scented candles!

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Let your place shine, and your guests wine. You’ll be favorite of all.

Thank us later pals!

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