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Happiness is standing in the balcony, at the end of the day, sipping hot latte and relaxing. What if the balcony you are standing in, instead of the regular flower pots, had something more that would have made it a cozier place to be at? You’ never leave that balcony again, would you? Well, when we talk about home decor ideas we often forget paying enough attention to the balcony. Although it could be one of the best place to sit, relax while gazing at the nature outside.

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Trust us, if done the right way, balconies can literally become your favorite place at your home to be at. HOW? With some amazing yet easy balcony decoration ideas. If you too are looking forward to change your balcony into a cozy place, look no forward. We have brought you some incredible ways to transform your balcony and make it look prettier than ever.

  • Go Vertical: if you have a small balcony space, this would work wonderfully for you. All you need to use the balcony walls to hang some plants or flower pots. This will make some space available on the floor. Now get a vibrant colored floor mat and get in some chairs, stools, and/or a small table along (if possible) and enjoy your relaxation time with a hot cup of coffee and your loved ones.

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  • Consider using a fold down table: If you feel that your balcony is not spacious enough to get a table and a few chairs along, you can try installing a fold down table in your balcony. You can open it only in the cases you require a table. Or otherwise, get your favorite book and have a read of your lifetime. For additional relaxation, (and if you feel you do not want a table in your balcony) you can add a hammock paired with extra cushions.

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  • Keep it simple: Remember, whatever you do, do not overdo it. This will end up making it all uncomfortable and overloaded. A small balcony need to have much or any furniture at all. You could be creative without fancy furniture. How? Just get yourself a comfortable bean bag or sofa seat with lots of warm pillows, cushions and a blanket, some plants and great light to add on to the comfort and charm of the balcony. Loving it, aren’t you?

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  • Combine things: Not necessarily you need to put out things for every single task you think you’d do in the balcony. Try using furniture that serves double purpose like sofas that can be converted into beds or tables that could have a storage, etc.

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  • Create privacy: In cities, we often live in apartments and our balconies tend to share a view with our neighbors. Not everyone like that. So, for those who wish to have a private balcony, here’s something you can do. Add some curtains. Just pull the curtains whenever you feel there’s a need, or are having a romantic candle lit dinner in the balcony. Otherwise just let them be and have some vitamin D from the sun.

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You never knew your balcony could look this beautiful? Did you? Thank us later, go decorate your balcony and make the most out of it.

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