Home decor ideas to create a more welcoming guest room

Welcoming Guest Room Home Decor Ideas

From grandparents to our best friends, from cousins to relatives, we open our doors with smiles when a guest arrives. Throughout the year there are several guests that come and go by. We feel happy when our friends and family members visit us on several occasions. We try everything possible from our end to make them feel comfortable at our place, right? Therefore, whenever you discuss home decor ideas with your interior designers or homemakers, you would see them suggesting having a guest room. This is recommended because giving your guests a separate room not only makes them feel personal and comfortable but also makes you feel good because then you would not have to adjust your spaces.

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A guest room is important and is a great way to make your guests happy, cheerful and comfortable at your place. You must pay special attention to the decor of this room, because this is how you can bid a goodbye to your guests with a broad smile on their faces. A cool, cozy and comfortable guest room will make your guests visit you again. So, let’s discuss some essentials you must include in your guest room, and some home decor ideas to make your guest room more welcoming and comfortable.

  • Lots of pillows: When talking about comfort, what could be a better way then adding some extra pillows and cushions on bed and couch in your guest room. They would sure like it and would want to stay there forever. You guests might have travelled long to reach you and be with you over a certain occasion or on weekends. So, it is your responsibility to take good care of them. And some extra pillows will sure make them feel more relaxed.

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  • A bed side table: A bed side table will do the rest. Your guest would sure be carrying some essentials like mobiles, chargers, notepads, watch, wallet, etc. that they would sure like to keep close. Providing a bed-side table would help them keep their essentials and accessories close to them and they would not have to stand up and walk to the wardrobe every time they need something. This is a must. To make it prettier, add some fresh flowers or a table lamp or just a picture of you and your guest together to make them feel more home like.

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  • Extra bedding: This is probably one of the most important things you must keep in mind while decorating and arranging a guest room. What we often forget is to provide our guests with some extra bedding like, blankets, quilts, sheets, etc. You never know how your guest would like to sleep. Especially during the winter season, you must keep some extras in the store to make your guests feel cozy and comfortable. Do not force your guest to tip toe in the night in search for some extra blankets. Offer at least a flat sheet and a few blankets of varying thicknesses.

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  • Bestselling books: A late good night read is a perfect way to wind off. After a tiring day, why not provide your guests some bestselling books and a cup of latte, to make them feel relaxed and calm.Whether it is the Fifty Shades trilogy or the Gone Girl, a guest room is always a great place to keep some of favourite reads and some recent releases that you recently read. Your guests are sure going to thank you for their amazing stay.

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