5 cool DIY home decor ideas using string lights


Who wouldn’t want a pretty house glittering with lights and eye-soothing furniture? Whenever we talk about home decor ideas, we often focus on how the furniture should be placed or how the wall arts would be hanged on the wall, or where the sofas would look good, what kind of flooring should you get, what countertops will look best in your modular kitchen, etc. But what we generally forget is the lighting of the house.


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What we don’t pay attention at can actually transform the way our house ever looked. Lights have the capability of altering the decor of the house on a click of a button. We know what you might be thinking right now, that you have already constructed your house, and if now you go for constructing more lighting in your house it is going to cost you huge bucks, right? But you worry about that. Wall fittings are not the only way to light your house.

This is where string lights come in. Strings are an incredible way to decorate your house. This is a hit plan not just because they look beautiful and make your house look jaw-dropped, but also because they are absolutely economical, and will work for you without breaking your bank. What say?

Alright then people, let us show you some great, easy, and cool DIY home decor ideas using string lights that sure are going to transform your house like never before.

  • Decorate your frameless pictures with string lights and make it a fairytale for your loved ones. This is as impressive as it is easy. All you need to do is to get some pictures printed and attach them to the string light. Now hang these string lights horizontally on the wall of your bedroom and surprise your loved ones on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Also, why not keep them hanging there forever?

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  • How about decorating your house on festivals with string lights? Oh, you already do that? But let’s try differently. How? By creating a holiday light globe. It is easy and effective. All you need to do is to make a globe with waste wires (if possible) or you can buy one from the flea market for a few bucks. Tangle the string lights all around the globe and hang it on your balcony or at the entrance of your house.

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  • Another incredibly easy way to decorate your house is by draping the bookshelf at your place with a string of huge bulbs. This will not only look gorgeous but will also help you fetching a book from the shelf during the night without bothering anyone by switching on the main lights. Cool, right?

    bookshelf-string-lightsImage Source: Google Images

  • DIY a fancy mirror. Get yourself a creatively shaped mirror and drape the lights around it. Hang it in your bedroom or changing room and you’ll be flattered by the glowing image of self in the mirror. How great is this?

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  • Spell out letters creatively with string lights. This would require a little more effort than the above. For this project, you need to first you need to drub some nails onto the wall in the shape you want the lights to shine in, and then place the string lights accordingly on the nails. Switch it on and now you have speaking sparkling letters in your room. For reference look at the image below.You are absolutely loving it, aren’t you?

    Image Source: Google Images

Thank us later friends, go decorate your house with DIY string lights.

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