Hottest home decor ideas for a fire pit in your backyard

Create a social environment around your fire pit

Fancy this, on a winter evening, sitting in the backyard, with your best friends, with hot Chocolate, surrounding a fire pit, with some string lights and endless throwback memories to talk about. You always wanted this, right? This is as easy as wonderful it sounds. You can now easily create fire pits in your backyard and have the time of your life. So, before you decide to add one in your backyard, here are some home decor ideas for the same and some tips that would help you.

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Backyard fire pits are among the most requested of all the landscaping features. They are attractive, functional and provide an outdoor gathering place. Ideally, a fire fit is constructed from fire proof material and at a flat level area, at least 25 feet from the house or any trees nearby. Fire pits are incredibly easy and great ideas to enhance the look and feel of your backyard.So, friends, what are you waiting for? Below are some cool ideas to have a fire pit at your own place. Pick one of your choice and let the memories be created.

  • Fire and ice: This is as interesting as it sounds. This is a fire pit that uses shattered glass pieces as alternative for gravels. This looks amazing as with the fire lit, the glass pieces appear to be like ice. To play more with this, you can show your creativity by adding some colored glasses shattered pieces, geometric patterns etc. to make it look even more unique.

    Fire and iceImage Source: Google Image

  • Fire and water: How great does this sounds? This is a fire pit that would be surrounded with water to enhance the drastic contrast combination of fire and water. They say fire and water can never come together. Well, such fire pits are here to put end to sayings like these. It could be either covered with a swimming pool, a container filled with water, a glass with flowing water, or anything else.

    Fire and waterImage Source: Google Image

  • Create a social environment around your fire pit: This can be the best place to sit and have beautiful moments with your friends, family and loved ones. Especially during winter evening, nothing could be more relaxing and refreshing than enjoying a glass of wine with your loved ones and talking all night. You can either do it by building a seating around it, or with a grouping of ottomans or bean bags, sofas or chairs, or an organic grouping of logs or floor pillows or a grouping of hanging bubble chairs.

    Create a social environment around your fire pitImage Source: Google Image

  • Use a vessel as a fire pit: Building fire pits in the back yard are old ideas. Why not use some old vessel instead of throwing it out?Any vessel that you feel is large enough to be converted into a fire pit would be good to go You could either leave it as it is to add an antique-y look to the back yard or can color it up to add some vibrant hues to the backyard.

    Use a vessel as a fire pitImage Source: Google Image

  • Build a sunken fire pit: This would let you bring a fresh feel to your backyard. Sunken pits are often safer, because the flames are not as exposed to winds. They also appear smaller than a traditional above ground fire pit, which makes them a good option for a smaller space.

    Build a sunken fire pitImage Source: Google Image

That’s all, fellow homesteaders! We hope you loved the ideas.

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