Space saving home decor ideas for your small house

Space Saving Home Decor Ideas

When we buy a new house we often do not think about the amount of furniture we might own in the coming years. With time and needs, we keep on buying new furniture, utensils, appliances and other home decorative items, without realizing the fact that the space in our home is not going to increase any further. The result? We end up messing the little space that we have in our homes. The most important thing to keep in mind when discussing home decor ideas is that we must wisely choose the furniture as per the space of the house.

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Have you ever felt the need of some extra space in your apartment? Do you realize that over the years knowingly or unknowingly you have ruined the essence of your house with probably some extra furniture? Are you planning to give your house a new makeover and throughout some extra and unusual stuff? if your answer to all the above questions is YES, then this is certainly for you.

Today, we have brought for you some space saving home decor ideas that are surely going to help you to sort, store and save space in your house. Check out these easy and effective ideas below:

  • A whole new level: Have more than one kid in the house? Why not level up their beds and create some extra space in the room. This is easy and economical. All you need to do is either DIY by attaching small bed for the younger sibling over the elder brother’s bed with the help of a driller some screws and a fun ladder, or if your budget allows you can buy one from a number of amazing beds out there. If you are doing it yourself, you can show your creativity by either painting the beds in vibrant hues or by craving designs or funny cartoons on the bed sides.

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  • Under stairs storage: We bet you would have never thought or even imagined that the staircase that leads you to the next floor of the house can also work as a storage space. Right? Yes, this is possible. And the best part is that no one would ever know about this secret storage space in your house. How cool is this? All you need to do is call in some professionals who would help you cut out the space under the stairs and create drawer-like storage space for you. For more reference look at the image below.

    Under Stairs Storage Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Painting with hidden jewelry storage: This is an incredible way to keep all your jewelry at one place without having any dust reach it out. This is an easy DIY home project all you need to do is cut out some cardboards in the shape and size of the painting you want to hide it behind. Make it a hollow box-like frame of the cardboard and with the help of some screws and driller attach the painting to the box, leaving one side open for it to open. Now, place all your jewelry in the box and hang it on the wall wherever you want. For more reference look at the image below.

    Painting With Hidden Jewelery StorageImage Source: Google Images

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