Home decor ideas to get a wow factor when decorating with all-white color

All White Color Home Decor Ideas

When we decide on making a new house, or plan on refurnishing our current home, we think of a lot of home decor ideas that might help us in the interior decoration. Apart from the furniture, the lighting and the space management, the next most important thing we put our attention to is the color of the rooms. We put extra thought to the colors and contrasting furniture and often get bore of the color we choose. We say why not go monochrome? You would probably be thinking why go monochrome when there so many vibrant colors available. Right?

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Well, white is considered as one of the most refreshing color of the spectrum. It is known for not only evoking purity, cleanliness, but also confidence and sophistication. Yes, we understand there are several thoughts that are running across your mind that are making you think twice of your decision of going all-white for your house. But before you confuse yourself, just have a look at some of the below home decor ideas to get a wow factor when decorating with all-white color. We bet, after your read, you would be surprised about how easy, comfortable, and uplifting white can be when it comes to your interiors.

  • Use white in your kitchen: Be it a traditional kitchen or a modern kitchen, both would look clean and classy. Moreover, all the appliances, and utensils will shine reflecting white color in them. White has been one of the most preferred colors by the interior designers and the homemakers. Therefore, you might have seen that when it comes to appliances, the manufacturing companies have started introducing white color in maximum appliances like microwave, refrigerator, mixers and grinders, toasters, inductions, etc. Also, you can pick from various shades of white for the countertops. The most recommended ones are the ones with the white lacquer finish.

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  • Let a grand artwork be the center of attraction: in your bedrooms, drawing rooms and living rooms, if you plan for going all-white, we recommend complimenting the essence of the room by adding a big wall art. Because everything else is white, not only will this take the center stage, but at the same time compliment white. This is one of the most economical, easy and refreshing home decor ideas of furnishing a room all-white without making it dull and monotonous.

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  • Highlight white bathroom features with a splash of color: How wonderful would it be to make the most relaxing place of the house, the bathroom, even more comfortable and calm. This is easy to do. All you need to do is to highlight the white bathroom features like the tub, the steam, the sink, etc. by adding a splash of color. How? Easy. Just paint one of the walls in any subtle yet vibrant color that adds punch and pizazz to the eye.

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  • Layer tone-on-tone whites: if you feel none of the above ideas is impressive enough for you, and might dull the space in a long run, here’s another idea that you would definitely love. Why not layer different tone of white, instead of just keeping it plain white. For example, you can have the cushions and the sofas in all white and the curtains in off-white color.Use patterns, textures and varying materials in similar white hues to create a room that has depth and interest. This is certainly going to add some extra warmth to the room.

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