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Our upbringing speaks volume about this very evident fact – First Impressions are Important. And that goes pretty well with structures, architecture and interiors. We cannot deny the actuality that we first notice appearance of a place before entering it. The biggest example could be – a restaurant. Nobody wants to enter a shabby looking restaurant. And after giving a glance at the interiors of a restaurant, how visually appealing it is and we make a decision of having meal there if the ambience pleases our sense of vision. Same adage applies to homes as well. Well it is a fact that family, relatives, friends and acquaintances won’t hesitant in stepping into your house, however we can always create a memorable first impression. Yes, we are talking about front door or the main entrance to the home. This is the first thing anybody notices about homes. And front door can speak volumes about homes. So it is time to get your creative juices flowing and actively seek divergent thinking to make your front door as interesting as the other areas of home.


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Entrance could be transformed in many ways. It could be as simple as adding new color to the existing door or changing or adding the lights at the door, or simply by placing beautiful potted plants at the entrance or hanging a new mailbox. In today’s blog we will discuss about ideas and inspirations that will make you love your entrance a little more.

1. Unexpected Color – let people turn their gaze to have a look at the door again by painting it with bright colors like yellow or orange or red or for that matter even green. And compliment the door with dark (preferably black) hard ware’s and beautiful plants. This combination can lighten up even a traditionally designed home.


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2. Door Knocker – this minimal accessory which we might not even take seriously can add the required charm and glamour to the entrance. Replacing a wooden door knocker with an elegant metal knocker can add substance and magnificence to the entrance.


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3. Added Accessories – adding the right accessories can make even the simplistic white door look attractive. This is where you can make use of your out of the box thinking. Creative house number plates or mail box designs or even having the right planters can do wonders to get a striking entrance.

4. Door Bell – this is the best accessory you could experiment with when talking about the front doors. Normal switch door bell are quite common, having iron doorbells are quite contemporary and certainly gives country side charisma to your entrance when paired with burlaps and other rustic accessories.


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5. Glass Doors – high quality tiffany glasses are strong enough to be used at the entrances and having intricate designs carved on them can add more visual appeal to the overall entrance. Glass doors also let in plenty of light thus, creating a positive indoor hallway.


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And above all front door or entrance must be designed keeping in mind the overall design of the interiors of home and how it could be used to enhance the overall appeal.

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