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Human beings soon realized that living indoors is way more comfortable and preferable over the outdoors. Extreme climatic and weather conditions could be tolerated in a way better way in indoors. Today, we can enjoy the snowfall or rains or a bright summer day while at home. Be it the swimming pool or terrace to enjoy the city view or a small balcony in the room for fresh air or the joy of having a barbeque party over some fine wine with friends in the outdoor kitchen, we have kind of learnt to accommodate outdoors in the indoors of our dream home. Infact we have even incorporated the fauna in the indoors effortlessly. However, there’s another factor which we don’t pay much heed to. And that is a fireplace in Living Room. You must be wondering a fireplace in the age of electric and centralized heaters sounds too old school and making their functionality no longer a necessity. However, it is an undeniable fact that fireplace has its own charisma and central heating lets us freely enjoy the decorative beauty of a warm fireplace. Thus, instantly making it the center of attention of the indoors. And there are a lot of people who resonate with the idea of having a fireplace in indoors and make the area look more cozy and comfortable, though with an intention of not wanting to use it. Having a well designed, planned and elaborately and luxuriously decorated fireplace can add charm to the area and give it a required character.


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There are a gazillion designs for a beautiful fireplace. A typical fireplace could be found in one of the walls of living room, precisely right below the television, so that you could enjoy your favorite movie or across your home library so that you could enjoy another intriguing read of J K Rowling in a comfy set-up in a winter evening. Fireplace can also become a central point of living room feature wall. Fireplace can look good in a brick feature wall or stone feature wall or even granite or marble feature wall. Brick and stone feature wall will give rustic and vintage feel to the room, and granite or marble or simply painted feature wall will give it a more contemporary look. As discussed earlier, fireplace is the focal point of your indoors or outdoors and most importantly, it is the area where most of casual family gatherings take place to celebrate the bond of togetherness or other important occasions (honestly, you don’t need a specific reason to have a good time with family). Then why not make it comfortable and memorable as possible. Whether conventional or contemporary, there are fireplace designs that cater to the needs of everyone. From rustic to more refined, classic to contemporary, country chic to urban sleek, minimal to monumental or old world to new world you can certainly find a look that’s just perfect for you. A look that adds value to the indoors so that you can make memories with family, friends or dear ones.


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