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The term, “Feature Wall”, is not new and has always been a part of interior designing especially used to describe wall of living rooms. Feature wall is basically about painting one wall different from the other walls of the room – be it bedroom or living room or dining room or for that matter even bathroom. However, the term now is no more restricted to painting wall with colors and creating patterns to highlight it. There are more innovative, contemporary and stylish ways to make one wall of the room stand out. Today, we will discuss about the ideas and inspirations to design feature wall in your home.

1. Memories – you can define feature wall by giving it an emotion, a feeling close to your heart. Photographs indeed make you go down the memory lane and relive the beautiful days. Why not bring out those memories to make feature wall!! You can either go for a single large frame or have multiple frames of different sizes to style your feature wall.


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2. Wallpaper – one of the easiest, fastest and inexpensive and of course second most common ways to design a feature wall. There are number of designs and prints to choose. Be it 3D or digital prints, you will get innumerable options. However, make sure the kind of design and color of wallpaper you choose seamlessly blends with the overall design of the room.


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3. Stone – apart from being used as most common form of flooring, stone or marble could be used to design a natural feature wall as well. Stone feature wall adds warmth and beauty to the room.


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4. Wooden – Wood paneling can be used in multiple ways to design a rustic feature wall. The results could be very much related to country side or luxurious depending on the way it is planned. Wooden panel feature walls could also be used to create visual illusions. Arranging panels horizontally can make the room look and feel bigger and having panels placed vertically can make the room seem to be taller than it actually is.


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5. Exposed Brick Wall – this is the most common type of feature wall interior designers like to suggest in restaurants. However, having an exposed brick wall in home is also a great option. You can keep it raw or white wash it or have outlines depending on the room you wish to choose. Exposed brick feature wall is our personal favorite as it gives the room a constituent of warmth with a tinge of traditional mood and at the same time makes it feel welcoming.


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6. Chalkboard – this could be one of the most creative forms of feature wall in kids’ room. Talking about utility, the wall could be used to express creativity with quotes or doodles to add positive vibes to the room. It could also be used to make important notes or doing homework or studying for exams and tests. As we all know learning while writing is the technique to memorize and practice new concepts.


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Whichever design you choose, the most important part of planning a feature wall is to be selective and personalize it without making it too cluttered.

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