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Have you ever considered arranging and displaying your collection in the form of arts, souvenirs, memorabilia or paintings in a creative manner??!! We always hear that we must simplify our homes and lead a simplistic life by making our living space not too cramped up with belongings. However, it is also necessary to keep or rather display items that take you down the memory lane. Also, you must have observed while de-cluttering your home, you just can’t let go of few items that’s because they are special to you in many ways and you can’t think of discarding them. Then why not display them instead!!


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You must have faced this question many a times – how to display collection? Well, to be honest with you, there isn’t a knack for doing this. People have this predilection for collecting vintage things like – keys or painting or books or saucers or plates or antiques. They indeed look beautiful and rustic and are collected coz one loves the way they look or make them feel. Reasons to collect are many, but displaying them creatively can add value to your home.


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The best part about displaying collection is you can update it with time. There is always room for more. However, in this process take extra attention towards not making the space too cramped up. There are few steps you could follow to display your collection.


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1. Find out what you like the most. It could belong to one category or items from different categories might appeal you. It is about time to get them out of your store room or cupboards. Clean them and prioritize on the basis of preference.

2. Now comes the part of choosing area to display arts. The trick here is you can display arts anywhere you want. In your kitchen or dining area or living room or bedroom or even bathroom. However, the category you choose to display may vary in the areas. If you are doing it for the first time, we suggest you to start the display work in the living room of your home. Living area is the most inviting area of home. This is the place you host your friends or simply laugh and enjoy conversations and banters with family. Living room is basically a social area of home. And thus makes a fantastic starting point for displaying collection. It will certainly add value to it. You can dedicate a wall to display arts. You can hang vintage frames of family pictures or simply picture from your last travel. You can even hang a set of classy vintage saucers or plates. Things as rare as a collection of stamp or even keys would look good provided you choose the right frames.


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3. Displaying your own personal artwork or painting and drawing by your kids can turn out to be motivating. And the best place to display personal artwork is bedroom. This will give you more ideas about how you can improve and make it better.


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Embrace and display the little things you love. We would like to hear what you like to collect.

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