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Colors that you use to decorate your room or any other space of home can speak volumes about your personality. Well it is not at all necessary to paint the walls of your home every year (unless you have a lot in your bank balance), but you can still remodel your room by adding colors in the form of bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains, carpets and paintings to name a few. And still make your home look welcoming and appealing using color scheme that is totally you.


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Colors when you used wisely can instantly change the overall mood, look and feel of a space. It can certainly augment the feelings, emotions, make a space cozy and comfortable or could even illuminate the dark and dull corners and make the space positive. So today we are going to discuss the base color ideas you can use to decorate your space to start with. You need to set a mood to each space and then go ahead with decoration, and colors exactly does that. In order to reflect your personality; you must pick the right color scheme for the same. Here are some room color ideas for every space in your home.


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1. Living Room – this is one of the most important areas of home. This is the place you socialize with your friends, host dinner parties or just have a great time with family watching a movie. This is both a personal as well as a public area. So going with neutral shades is advised for creating a flexible atmosphere. Neutral shades could be both soothing and exhilarating. Using a combination of brown and beige or shades of grey and white on hard surfaces (walls, floor, and ceiling) and furniture will look good. You can add colors by picking bright artworks and accessories.


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2. Kitchen / Dining Area – this is the most important area of your home. It is said that positive and energetic vibes in this area is healthy. Hence, use of bright and warm colors like – red, yellow, orange, brown, etc. is highly recommended. You can also create a color scheme of your choice on table cloth (and other linens), dishes set, pans, artwork, and other accessories.


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3. Bedroom – this is your private space. You look for alone time after a long day at work. Bedroom should feel relaxed, comfortable and serene. Hence, using soft shades can work very well for your bedroom. Hues of blue, gray, green and purple can be comforting and provide a calming ambience. You can use a mix of soft shades on walls, and linens. Furniture could be either or provide contrast, either option could go well.


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4. Bathroom – well this is the most private space one can have. This is first place you to in the morning, and thus must evoke positivity. As a good start to the day can have a direct impact on your productivity. And this is the space you could experiment be it soft palette or warm and bright colors. Having overall bright and vibrant feel is what is needed in this space.


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Hope you liked the color ideas and suggestions we shared help you plan the décor of your home.

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