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There is an intriguing aspect of interior designing and that is to create spaces, creative spaces out of unusual areas. As we discussed in our previous blog that staircases are transitional spaces between two floors in a home and the spaces under staircases are always ignored. We are sure you can certainly relate to the fact. It is also a fact that one never has enough storage at home. Don’t believe us!! Go on and ask the ladies, we are sure you will get the answer. Now let’s put the two facts together and get a dynamic combination of creating creatives spaces under staircases. There are a lot of ideas to make space with stairs – over, under and even inside. Most of the times under stairs space are left open and instead of using it differently to its maximum use, we tend to use it to stack up items like – vacuum cleaner, or toys or bicycle. So, let’s explore this much needed combination of stairs and unused spaces around it to create some useful spaces of storage which will make your life a lot easier.


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1. Under Stair Drawers – this is one of the easiest and most liked storage ideas. The biggest advantage undoubtedly is you can create drawers of the entire depth of a stair to make most of the available space. Making the drawers handle less will make them seamless with the stair design. Nobody will be able to imagine if there’s a storage space hidden in there.


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2. Drawers Under Steps – this is our personal favorite and definitely tops the chart in creating creative spaces with stairs. The best way to increase storage space under stairs is to hide a drawer under each step. You pull out a step and store small items like shoes, toys, games, or even clothes.


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3. Hollow Spaces Under Stairs – if you have an empty space under stairs, it could be converted into useful area in various ways.

a. Reading Nook – a warm, comfortable and cozy reading corner for the avid reader in you. You can even accommodate a book storage shelf if you have space available.


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b. Study Table – having a study area under the stairs is a perfect addition to home. Adding some fun wallpaper, a comfortable desk and a chair along with a lamp can make the space charming.


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c. Bathroom – though small in area but the idea of having a bathroom under stairs may involve a lot of work but is undeniably a great way to add value to your home.


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d. Wine Rack – this will add elegance to the collection of some fine wine you have been bringing from different countries. If you don’t have enough space to accommodate them, why not create a wine rack under the stairs!!


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4. Display Space – the space under stairs is packed, you can still make a good use of the wall by turning it into a display area by hanging your favorite memories or memorabilia you bought from your last travel.


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So how would you like to integrate creative spaces with your staircase!!??

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