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One of the most striking and important part of Indian tradition is having home open to all the guests. We ardently believe in adage – Atithi Devo Bhavo!! Which means Guest is God. Indians like to eat together, celebrate together and be merry. And thus, we do not hesitate to host guests who arrive at our home, who come from far off for a personal or professional gathering. And thus, having a guest room is essential to make guests comfortable and make them feel a part of the home. We tend to decorate the room as if there’s a festival round the corner. Make no compromises in the hospitality, and make sure they have everything they might need in their room.


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However, it is also a fact that we don’t have guests coming over throughout the year. And the only part we are afraid of is – we unintentionally convert this spare room into a dumping area where extra’s and not needed items and clutter is stored without any guilt. And when you get the news of arrival of a guest, you work continuously to make it more livable and presentable. Then why work just for a day or two to make the spare room fit for living!! Why not make it look and feel habitable every single day!! Do not worry; you don’t have to work like a maid everyday for it. However, a little time once a week is all you need to give it.


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Best way to make a spare room look appealing throughout the year is to make it into a space you or any of your family could utilize it daily. Convert it into a television room or study room. All you need to do is put up all the necessities that your guests would need when they arrive without any prior notice (which is quintessential trait of guests in India). There are certain basic items of furniture that a spare room must accommodate to easily convert it into a guest room when needed.

1. Paint – having a coat or two of a nice warm or neutral color in the room is a necessity. You can either have textured paint on one wall and make it into a feature wall. Or having a combination of wallpapers and paint is also a good option that could be considered.

2. Bed – having a King sized bed or twin beds with comfortable mattresses and beautiful linens. You never know when you fall asleep in the cozy bed while reading your favorite novel in the spare room.

3. Sockets – these are life saviors for anyone and especially for the guests when they leave their comfort zone and be a part of your home. Make sure you have ample sockets at few essential areas – having a socket near the bed is just the right spot. Another could be right below or at the same level as the reading table.

interior design

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Apart from these must haves, gestures like a welcome note along with a bouquet of flowers will definitely be a good way to greet them.

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